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Ann's Island Silkies

Ann is kidnapped from the ship by the natives of Skull Island.  She had changed out of her Adventure dress and into a robe and slip.  The catch, it's a different set of silkies.  (See continuity opps)  It is not until the natives are preparing to sacrifice her to King Kong that we see her in the silkies that she will wear though out the island.  One more continuity thing... the robe seems to change length.  There's some question of if it's just how she's holding her arms, but it appears to go from above the knee to mid-calf.. just a bit to much.  (Hey... but who knew we'd be so obsessive with the costume study? <G>)

The slip and the robe both go though transition in color and wear.  The robe never degrades too much, but the slip shreds.  (See, our separate page for the slip study.)

Here's Terry Ryan's information on their choices for Naomi's costume.  "We needed it to be a gown and robe of some kind," he says. "It's quite modern. We played around with the idea of a wrap-over, or a dress that had come undone."  They didn't want it to be too revealing.  (Remember, Fay's version would get bleeped by the sensor today in a spot or two.)  Instead the outfit is designed with control in mind.  Sometimes there's a body suit attached to the slip, sometimes it's the tap pants.

Costume Index

bulletPicture Study Island Robe
bulletPicture Study Island Slip (*p)
bulletDetails of Sacrifice Necklace & Seam Study
bulletCostume Description
bulletIsland Robe
bulletIsland Slip
bulletColor Comments

Picture Study

Silk robe has a high collar tie & a lace panel right inside the edge    
  Note the length of the ties here.  They come down to almost the tear in the slip  
Back of robe.  Note belt loops keep the robe tie low.  Can see the length of the robe here.  Sleeves just below elbows. This blurry shot show how the robe is always tied.  (This is natives dragging her to the sacrifice) Same pic, illustrating where the knot is.

Detail of Sacrifice Necklace & Seam Study

The necklaces is woven of bones, hair and feathers.

These are some of the highest rez photo we have.  Shots here also reflect the shorter robe.  Note long shots her are probably all the CG puppet.

    Sleeve is turned back.  Looks like the robe hem is serged (finished with an over-lock stitch)

Sleeve hem looks to be about 1"

The robe billows behind, so here you see the the slip.   Note how short the robe is in this shot... her arms are at shoulder level.  Yet, the hem is all the way up to her knee
  Best shot of the edge of the robe.  See the 1" edge and then band of lace. Hem appears to be about 1".  Looks like seam is just finished and turned under once.

Costume Description

Three parts to Ann's Island Silkies

bulletIsland Robe
bulletIsland Slip (*p)
bulletTap pant

Island Robe Description

bulletSilk satin fabric, basically a vanilla-cream in color
bulletBasic Pattern
bulletHas side seams only, front wraps closed when tied
bulletThe length of the robe seems to vary slightly.
bulletIn the sacrifice scenes, it looks to be mid-knee, or just under the knee
bulletIn the later scenes, it picks up almost half a foot in length.
bulletCollar is a wide tie, 1 1/2 - 2"
bulletTie goes all the way to a few inches above knee level
bulletWould wrap tight around the neck and tie into a fancy bow
bulletRobe edge
bulletStrip of lace run from the neck (under the collar tie) all the way down the front. - aprox 2"
bulletFront edge of robe is attached to lace, about 1"
bulletSleeves end just below the elbow with hems turned under 1"
bulletare slightly off the shoulder
bulletCan't tell if the sleeves are set in slightly for just squared off, either will work
bulletRobe tie rest at the hip with belt loops at the side
bullettie is about 2 inches wide
bulletFinished with an overlock or serged stitch
bulletWhen recreating, if an over stitch isn't available, seam could be finished flat felled, French seamed or even just do a straight stitch, clip close and do a clean zigzag with both edges together.

Tap Pant

bulletVanilla Cream silk
bulletSimple, no lace

These are not seen most of the time.  They show up in some of the photo shoots with the "shredded" version of the slip and they do show up during some of the action scenes when Naomi ends up head over heals sliding though the jungle.  (Trust me, if you want underwear documentation... go though the Production Diaries frame by frame yourself.  <G>)

Color Comments

The robe and the slip both have a number of issues when determining color.  For colors we see...

bulletOn the robe - everything from a very light cream to peach to a light mocha. 
bulletOn the slip - everything from a creaming mocha to rosy peach to an a light chocolate

Just so we've got something to call them, until we get a formal conversation... or someone wants to make a better try at the colors names.... picking something that defines the colors. 

We'll say the Island Robe is a vanilla-cream and the Island Slip is  a light rose-mocha.  (And this goes to prove never come up with color names before dessert.)

What is causing the color change?

bulletColor grading - very variable by scene based on the lighting
bulletDry vs. wet - the colors intensify
bulletClean vs. dirty - light to darker as the garments are aged.

Pick a color for your costume

bulletGiven the exact colors can be hard to determine, the trick is to select a robe and slip color that match each other. 
bulletBe sure you know which color scheme you're picking. Early in the island chase? later?  behind the scenes colors?
bulletAlso remember to pick a color that works with your skin tone.  Some folks can handle the pinks, some the tans others look best in rose.

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