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Island Adventure Outfit

Ann's first costume for Skull Island is a a kaki outfit, styled after the traditional adventurer style that was popular in the 1930s.  It is also a homage to the original 1933 King Kong Fay Wray outfit have many of the same patterning and style elements.

Beautifully tailored to be form fitting but with added tucks and  pleats to give the dress a lot of movement.  Top stitching adds more tailored detail.

Adventure Dress Index

bullet Research Pictures
bullet Dress description
bullet Seam Study

Research Pictures

High rez scan.  When studying, be careful to ignore the print lines on the back side.   Texture of the fabrics can be seen here.  It's a textured linen or a raw silk.
On the rocks, for the scream trailer sequence.  Can see the outfit full length.  Note how tight the skirt is and why the 4 deep box pleats are needed. PR shot.  Ann's skirt is never unbuttoned in front and he doesn't wear his jacket on the island.

Best shot of her boots - brown lace-up, old fashion style

Darkened, can see the fabric and the seams more


Beautiful cream scarf.  Looks like a basket weave pattern with triangles of gold and red between the brown lines.   Note the 7 pin tucks.  They look like they've just been done with a double needle and pressed to the side.  Note, they do not finish at the same point in from, more of a shallow cup.  They go into the yoke in back.  This give extra room.
Is there a banana dart on the bodice Fabric wet look more like silk than linen.  Though linen makes more sense Brown belt with square buckle, quite long .belt
Note the skirt button closed all the way to the bottom, but see the box pleats on either side    

Dress Description - Breakdown

bullet Long sleeve dress, button front "shirt dress" style
bullet Buttons all the way down the front with large 4 hole buttons
bullet Worn with buttons closed
bullet Skirt and blouse are separate pattern pieces but are stitched together at the waist
bullet Blouse
bullet Yoked
bullet Back pleat stitched closed at top (confirmed) and bottom (guessed)
bullet There may be banana darks in the front of the shirt, but maybe not.
bullet Top is blousy to give a lot of room for arm movement, it is gathered into the waist.
bullet Sets of 7 pin tucks on the shoulders to give extra room.  All the way from the yoke, over the shoulder and end in a curve.
bullet Cuff is heavily top stitched,
bullet one button, same size as down the front of the shirt.
bullet 2 tucks at least
bullet small placard
bullet  Skirt
bullet Smooth fitting princess seamed in the front and back
bullet Seams are pressed open on the top part of the skirt
bullet The bottom part of the skirt had deep box pleats.
bullet May even be double box pleats, but we don't have enough information.
bullet Brown leather belt, long.  Rectangular buckle
bullet Patterned scarf
bullet Cream base with brown basket weave design with bits of gold
bullet High brown leather boots
bullet Lace up

Seam Study

Seams and top stitching study

  Shows top stitching on cuffs and collar.  Also tuck on wrist.
  More detail study of the stitching and tailoring on the cuff.  Green marks show the fabric tucks.
Huge box pleat in the center back to give her a lot of movement.  As it's tacked close about the first inch after the yoke, the bottom will probably be too, right where it's connected to the skirt Blue marks are seam lines.  Red shows the depth of the box pleat in the back.  Green circle highlights the open part of the box pleat.
Darken shot of the skirt pop out the seams.  Note the gathering on the top.  The blouse fabric is gathered to the smooth waistband of the skirt Top circle by the waist show a bit of placard detail for the button front skirt.  The other two circles show the seams that go all the way down the skirt (front and back).  The bottom third of the skirt has very deep box pleats at this seam.  They may even be double box pleats, but we need more shots to know.

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