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Just the Island Slip

Here is a study of Ann's island slip.  Most of the images are from after Ann has been rescued by Jack from King Kong as they run back across the island to giant gate and then the lifeboats.

Thirty of these slips were made then distressed to varying levels.  The slip was inspired by 30's fashions but built for the rough and tumbled action work required by the film.  For the upside down work in stunts, one version even had a body suit on the inside so the slip would stay with her body. Watching the behind the scenes pictures you can also see slips that are slit on the sides to accommodate harnesses. There's a lot of work that went on behind that simple little slip.

Island Slip Index

bulletPicture Study
bulletLace Study

Picture Study

Believe this is a posed picture.  The tap pant don't show up in any of the main scenes.  
Continuity picture, as  clean as it gets Continuity picture, after the jungle chase

Back Study


Lace Study

Rose patterned lace, alternating small and big roses BtS coloring
Jungle coloring when wet, and after the chases  
  Coloring at the end, back on the beach - dry
CU from continuity picture Computer comparison, left is the CGI version, right is the continuity picture.

Island Slip Description

bulletSilk Satin fabric, light rose mocha
bulletSewing Pattern
bullet2 simple pieces, slight flare,
bulletV neck front, back straight edged
bulletEdged in lace on top and bottom
bulletLace is a rose pattern, alternating big and small roses
bulletSpaghetti shoulder straps

Under this are worn the silk tap pant in some scenes.  In others it's a body suit to secure the slip to her body, probably attached at the side seams and maybe under the lace.

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