Sarah's  Mirror

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Sarah & Family - Austria

Mirror Dress and Cloak

Sigrun This is the first version of the dress before the new embroidery was done.  

Fabrics & Materials:

bullet3 yards of off white sueded silk charmeuse for the underdress and the lining of the belt
bullet10 yards of plain white silk chiffon for the overdress and the cloak
bulleta half yard of dupioni silk in cream for the belt
bulletAbout 50.000 transparent bugle beads for the embroidery on the fabric
bulletCountless yards of embroidery yarn in plain white for the dress and cream for the cloak
bulletPearls(3mm) in plain white, cream and culture for the belt and the neckline
bulletSequins in cream for the belt
bulletWhite bugle beads for the belt
bulletEyelets for the closing of the belt

General Description:

For the premiere of the last movie, I had already done a Galadriel gown in lace, because I was sure that this was right. But in may 2004 I found out that the whole dress consisted of embroidered chiffon and my sister decided to embroider her own gown with hand. I told her, that I could cut the pieces for her and sew the whole thing together but that I could not embroider anything because I had already so many costumes to make. She agreed and my mother helped her with the embroidery. This dress was really a tough piece of work and until the last days it was a fight to get it finished. Of the two noone really slept anymore.

There is a charmeuse underdress which is just attached to the overdress. The neckline is wide and round and beaded with tiny white pearls. The sleeves are wide and the dress has a long train. Over the dress there is a cloak which consists only of three square parts, two for the front and one for the back. The cloak has a quite long train and a wide hood.

The belt is closed with white satin cords in the back and heavily beaded and embroidered.


bulletWhite ballerina shoes
bulletThe mirror pin from fimo and a round mother of pearl disk
bulletGaladriel's crown from wire and metal leaves
    Embroidery by Sigrun and mum

This was the fifth costume of our group for the costume contest at the ringcon2004 in Germany. We actually won the award for “the best costumes of the evening”. It was really exiting and great

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