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Female Lothlorien Scout Outfit

Much of the outfit was made up of closet finds and purchased items (such as the dagger), but the tunic was made from scratch.

I used upholstery fabric that is somewhat like suede or velveteen, and goassamer crinkle fabric that is typically used for curtains. Both were in the bargain bin at the fabric store! Also, neither fabric ravels, which saves hemming time.

The pattern was based on Folkwear's "Turkish Dancer" Entari tunic. ( I widened the front panels into a crossover style, then scalloped the bottoms and sleeves into petals.  One advantage of the Entari pattern is that it is made with attractive bell sleeves, and includes darts to shape the waistline.

The underblouse could be constructed from Folkwear's "Nepali Blouse" (, but I had a very similar shirt already.

For the gossamer lining, I simply safety pined it into the sleeves and along the hemline, then cut the bottom edges into the shape I wanted.

It was important to roll the fabric before inserting it in the sleeves, ensuring there was enough overlap for the desired layering effect.

Inside detail Sleeve All the bits

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