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Elven Grove, Part 22

Here we feature even more costumes from our folks who have recreated some of the wonders of the Elven folks.

Work here represents recreations at all skill levels.

Picture hyperlinks will open to more details about the costumes.

Yvette's Elven Gowns

Yvette - USA

Arwen's Lavender Bead Gown

Fabric: Lavender Beaded Chiffon for the outer layer and the Caplet... Lavender/Blue Silk Dupioni for the lining layer...

Construction Page... Includes my pattern draft, a photo journal of the construction process... along with how I made my own silk bias tape... among other things...

LBG portraits

Mirkwood Elf Gown

Pattern: Self-drafted, with the Bridge Gown and Prologue Gown in mind...

Fabric: Silk lace with beads for the over layer; silk dupioni for the under layer...

Construction notes: Detailed on my web-page: http://www.yvettes.net/MirkwoodElfGownConstruction.html Also, I made a cloak to go with this gown, with Elrond's gray drape in mind: http://www.yvettes.net/MirkwoodElfCloakConstruction.html

Arwen's Arch Dress

Fabric: Outer layer, self-dyed silk chiffon; Underlayer, silk dupioni Construction notes: including pattern drafting: http://www.yvettes.net/ArchDressConstruction.html http://www.yvettes.net/ArchDressConstruction2.html  

I've also made a mantle to go with the gown: http://www.yvettes.net/ArchMantleConstruction.html


Arwen's Chase Outfit

Maris - Colorado, USA

Click the pic for more pictures and details about how the outfit was made

Arwen Undomiel

Rebeca - Spain

For the dress I chose a pattern that had a single layer, but I modified it to show two layers at the neckline.  The sleeves were created so that they fall past my knees.

Since I could not find velvet fabric, I looked for of another fabric  that had the drape and feel to give the same effect.  I chose to make the body of the dress in black since I could not find what I needed in dark blue.

The trim on the arms and on the neck are painted with gold and silver fabric paints to match the real trim as close as possible.   The gown is also decorated with Arwen Evenstar pendant, the butterfly clasp and the ring of Galadriel.

There are many more photos on my Web page:

Arwen's Angel Dress

Elinor - Maryland, USA

My 9-year old granddaughter has become a LOTR fanatic and wanted to be Arwen for Hallowe'en 2005. We tried to find fabric that seemed suitable to create the Angel dress. Her mother did find this wonderful brocade in lilac and color-matched a jersey polyester. We decided that Arwen probably has dresses in various colors that lilac could be one. I modified a simple pattern (See and Sew #B4099) to make the dress. The underdress was 45" so I was unable to cut the dress in one piece. The brocade was 60". I used a georgette that I cut in a triangle for the undersleeves.

Arwen Inspired Gown

Songbird - USA

Click the pic for patterning details and lots more pics

One Ring Gown

Sidhe  -  Ohio, USA

Click the pic to find out how the gown was made.

Check out more of her costumes here


Versatile Elf Costume

Erin - Wisconsin, USA

Click the pic for details of the dress and Arwen's hair jewels




If you do not have a web site or a photo album, we can put the pictures our our server...  Contact us at scrapbook@alleycatscratch.com

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