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Elven Grove, Part 24

Here we feature even more costumes from our folks who have recreated some of the wonders of the Elven folks.

Work here represents recreations at all skill levels.

Picture hyperlinks will open to more details about the costumes.

Arwen's Coronation Gown, in a day

Heather - Texas, USA

Click the pic for more details and pictures

Galadriel's Mirror Dress

Melanie - Germany

I made it from white embroidered chiffon and I added beads to the embroidery. The belt has the original embroidery. The pattern was made by a very nice lady from Switzerland.  She made it to my measurements.

See more pictures on her website.

See her Eowyn costumes <here>

Jenny's Wedding

Jenny - England

My wedding dress was made at home by the teacher who made my school leaving ball gown 12 years ago.....I had my heart set on Galadriel's Mirror Dress, which I saw at the Lord of the Rings exhibition in London back in 2003

The white satin underlay was completed before I got home in April. I found the ivory overlay in London about 11 weeks before the wedding, and couriered it over to South Africa. This was because my mom and ex-teacher couldn't find anything appropriate out there because it was winter there, and the Indian fabrics just weren't suitable. The overlay has embroidered flowers with the tiniest pearls sewn in little clumps like little seeds. It's absolutely gorgeous - not just to look at, but to wear.

The belt proved to be an adventure....we got it literally 2 weeks before the wedding...it's doubled up antique silver (genuine) lampshade braiding, bought in Cornwall from a man who makes lampshades!

When I walked into the church, apparently one of the little kids said to his dad: "Look! It's a princess!!"

See more pictures, including colored ones <here>..

Leather Elven Armor & Legolas kit

Ason - Texas, USA

Click the pic for more details on his leatherwork

Or check out
bullethis witch king here
bulletStrider & Elf weapons
bulletCasting belts



Monique - Netherlands

Click the pic for more pictures and construction details

Arwen's Butterfly Crown in wire & beads

Margareta - Germany

Click the pic for instructions and more pictures

Also see:
bullet Eowyn Circlet
bulletButterfly crown in tin & resin

Arwen's Blood Red Gown

Hayley - Texas, USA

Click the pic for details and more pictures

Elven Ladies

The gold dress is made in Antique charmeuse, with white charmeuse and a crystal organza lining on the sleeves. 


Joanna - Australia

These are made using McCalls 4491.   Each dress has a braid or trim on the bottom and around the neck and the arm. I also have taken out the cording in the back of both dresses and used a zipper. 

  I love to sew and have had a fantastic time making these dresses.



The green one is green stretch satin and white charmeuse, crystal organza sleeves. The green one has been modified, because I had problems with the gusset in the underarm.

If you do not have a web site or a photo album, we can put the pictures our our server...  Contact us at scrapbook@alleycatscratch.com

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