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Ason -Texas, USA

Leather Elven Armor & Legolas kit

Here are several pics of my prologue elf costume -/- yes it is hanging on an improvised "pillow" dummy and yes that's about my size - the armor fits better on me though and doesn't bunch or pucker at all - because of the compound curves that took many adjustments to get it right !!

It is made of black and green leather , mainly because that is what I had at the time - but it matched the helmet so well you would think I did it on purpose - I would love to explain how I worked it up but it was a big pain in the you-know-what !!!  The finished piece never comes out the same as my pattern, cause of all the folding and stitching and bending  - this was the first cutting from my pattern and it needed major adjustments size-wise - as I couldn't afford to waste leather there are obvious corrections on the pieces.

The material for the cape and skirt piece came from a fabric clearance store.  I don't have a clue what to call it except its just more difficult stuff - in the store I knew the color and texture were perfect for what I wanted.  I didn't realize until I took the scissors to it how hard it is to cut something straight when there are no straight reference lines in it !!!  Thank the stars for square floor tiles !!  The helmet is a United Cutlery helm - there is also a pic of my prologue sword scabbard - it is painted built-up layered wood with colored 3d glue to make the scroll pattern.


Legolas stuff

 - - - -there are two pics of my "Legolas like" quiver rig - also made from leather - it was fun trying to get that undulating shape in it ! it has a stiff inner core so it wont collapse with a liner inside of that so it doesn't show

The buckle is a simple version of a Legolas belt buckle and the slider resembles the buckles from the knife belts Galadriel gave to merry and pippin - there is also one pic of a rough cast leggy buckle not yet polished.

There is one pic of a roller stamp I carved to create the pattern from Legolas' belt - I carved the pattern into the roller so when you impress with it , it stamps down the background and leaves the leaves and vines raised - it makes for a real nice effect and was way more effective than I hoped it would be !!

Quiver and buckles White knives on quiver
Rough cast of the belt buckle Roller for Leggy's belt pattern


They aren't really LOTR things but I sent some pics of two bows I crafted - they are non-functional being made from kiln dried wood  - they don't bend - but they are pretty and attract a lot of attention at the ren faires.
  Center of bow, handles bow tips


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