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Heather - Texas, USA

Arwen's Coronation Gown - in less than a day

PATTERN: McCalls 4491, View D

FABRIC:  Sea foam/Aqua stretch panne velvet for the dress, no lining, sheer green crinkle material for the sleeves and peach organza for the inner sleeve layer.  blue ribbon trim for the sleeves, silver braid trim for the neck, and iridescent aqua ribbon/sequin trim for the seam attaching the lower sleeves to the upper sleeves.  That's it!

CONSTRUCTION:  I essentially followed the pattern with one exception - I lowered the neckline.  My original intention was to make two dresses - the underdress with sleeves out of acqua green cotton, and the overdress jumper (View A in the pattern, sort of) out of the stretch velvet.  But since I didn't get started until the day before the party, I decided to combine both layers into one dress in velvet.  It was surprisingly easy to sew (this material is fabulous to work with!) and other than some issues I had with sewing the left sleeve on incorrectly, it went very easily.  I cut the dress one size larger than I usually wear so that the velvet would fall a little more attractively.  I think it worked well.

LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE:  I'd say I'm an "advanced beginner."  I've never learned to sew properly, and this is the first dress of this type I've ever sewn.  Also the first project on this machine, which is a Singer 5050C and was donated to me by a friend who knew I liked artsy/craftsy projects.  It's a fantastic machine!


PROPS/OTHER:  I got the crown from a seller on Ebay for $30, which saved me a LOT of time, as I originally planned to make the crown myself.  I also got the wig on Ebay and am wearing a version of the Evenstar necklace that I got on Ebay as well.  The material is all from Hancock Fabrics in Temple, Texas, and I believe it was $3.99 a yard, on sale 20% off.  Cheap costume!!

WEBSITE:  http://www.sugarartistry.com/ElfinMagic_103105.pps
this is a PowerPoint slide presentation - it will ask to save or run.  Find out the story of the costume and see more pictures


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