Sarah' Dying

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Sarah & Family - Austria

Arwen's Dying Dress


Fabrics & Materials:

bulletAbout 3 yards of silk charmeuse in midnight blue for the underdress
bulletAn Indian jamavar shawl in tones of red and blue for the upper sleeves and the trim
bullet1 yard of metallic golden lace for the trims
bullet3 yards of silk velvet, dyed in carmine or brick red for the wide lower sleeves
bullet3 yards of lining for the wide lower sleeves
bullet3 yards of midnight blue silk velvet
bulletgolden threads for the embroidery
bullethooks and eyes for the closing of the underdress

General description:

This dress was also made for “promenading” at the RingCon, because we found a midnight blue silk velvet that looked so beautiful!

The underdress has a small train and a wide lace trim at the neckline. The upper sleeves are also trimmed with the lace and the lace trims are embroidered golden. The lower sleeves are typical Arwen style wide sleeves and the jumper is hold by a narrow band. The dress has a very long train and the hem of the jumper is a rolled one.


bulletArwen´s Evenstar


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