Amaryllis' Rose

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Amaryllis - California, USA

Arwen's Rose Gown

I originally made it for the Two Towers midnight showing at my local theater.  It's one of my early costumes, but I still kind of like it.  I used Simplicity 9891 for the underdress, and some other pattern I can't remember for the overdress.  I also had enough leftover velvet to make the cloak, and I used another random pattern for that.

For the underdress, I was very creative and I'm actually proud of my solution. I don't know how to embroider and was too lazy to learn, so I simply put a layer of lace over a nice pink fabric, and it looked a lot like the stuff in the movie. It's not perfect, and someday I'd like to re-do the underdress, but it works pretty well.

For the overdress...yikes. What a trip. I had a really difficult time finding fabric that I was happy with. I ended up using this horrible spandexy stuff just because it was the right color. I sulked and let the dress sit in my closet for about a year because it was so ugly - and then, the perfect color velvet showed up at Jo-Anns one day. I bought a bunch of it and remade it, using the spandexy dress as the lining for the real one. It worked pretty well.  It was a fairly heavy stretch velvet, so it wasn't exactly the stuff, but I was so excited that I found the right color that I didn't care. I had a hard time working with the stretchy fabrics (first time), so there's a lot of funny bunches and lines and all sorts of stuff that shouldn't be there.  I think someday I might take it apart and redo it and smooth everything out.  I've gotten a lot better since I did this one.
I just used lace for the designs on the sleeves.  Like the rest of this costume, it's definitely not exact, but I like it anyway.  For the circlet, I just bought a little tiara from Jo-Anns to go along with it because I'm too poor for the Nobel Collection. I did buy the replica of the Evenstar, though. 

That's my dress!  Not perfect but I think it's pretty anyway!  ^_^



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