Sarah's Requium

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Sarah & Family - Austria

Requiem Dress and Cloak

my niece Lena    

Fabrics & Materials:

bullet2 yards of silk charmeuse in greyish blue for the underdress
bulleta half yard of silver dupioni silk for the trims
bulleta half yard of blue silk chiffon for the upper sleeves
bulletan indian sari in glittering silver tones
bullet2 yards of silk velvet, dyed in a smokey blue
bulletsilver threads for the embroidery at the upper sleeve, the trims and the band of the jumper
bulletsilver bugle beads for the embroidery
bulletSwarovski rhinestones in crystall
bulletSilver sequins for the embroidery on the upper sleeve
bulletHooks and eyes for the closing of the underdress
bullet4 yards of silk velvet in lavender for the cloak
bullet4 yards of silk jaquard in greyish purple for the lining of the cloak

General description:

This is the first of three costumes for our children. They were actually made for the costume contest but unfortunately only children over 12 could take part.

The underdress has a small train and a wide round neckline. The upper sleeves are embroidered with the floral pattern of the original dress (thank you for that!) and there are wide trims at the neckline and sleeves. The trims are also embroidered and beaded with bugle beads and rhinestones. The lower sleeves are very wide and hemmed with a rolled hem.

The jumper is held by a narrow band in silver which is embroidered and beaded. The silk velvet jumper has a long train and is also hemmed with a rolled hem.

The cloak is cut as a circle and the silk velvet is painted with silver colour. The hood is very big and turned around in the back. The cloak has also a train.

This was really our most glittering dress.


bulletArwen's butterfly brooch for the cloak

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