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Sarah, Friends & Family - Austria

RingCon 2004 in Bonn, Germany

 This year my friends, family and I were at the RingCon in Germany for the first time. We wanted to join the costume contest and we had 5 costumes to present.

We lived in a very comfortable room and until Saturday evening we were still busy with our dresses. Some things even had still to be sewn and we were fighting against desperation, because we were terrified by the thought of not being ready for the contest.

After we had made everything, hair, make up and all things like that, we rushed backstage and there we waited  for a horrible hour. Horrible because we were all so nervous and I really felt as if I would get ill. Short before the beginning we even noticed some of the guest stars who were also backstage. This even increased our nervousness and after we had presented the dresses I understood that they are in the Jury. That was really exciting. There were several other groups, all very good and full of detail. There was for example a witchking of Angmar and some haradrim who looked really cool.

When all groups were ready, Mark Ferguson and Craig Parker announced the winners and there were 5 awards. We received the last one for the best costumes and we were quite astonished and very, very happy. The RingCon was really so much funny and great but next year we will surely not join the contest because we didn't see much of Friday and Saturday at the RingCon and it was so much work. Next year we will only enjoy ourselves and have a great time!


Clicking on these pictures will open a page on each outfit and details

my brother Christian Ulrike  (she also did the jewelry)
my sister Sigrun Reibnegger, who embroidered her mirror dress together with my mum Sarah

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