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Sarah, Friends & Family - Austria

Eowyn´s Coronation Gown


 Fabrics & Materials: 

bulletAbout 15 yards of sueded silk charmeuse for the underdress, the lining of the skirt and sleeves, the lining of the belt and for the lining of the mantle
bullet12 yards of silk jacquard in buttergold for the overdress, the belt and the mantle
bullet2 knitted pieces from golden yarn for the tight inner sleeves
bulletVarious colours of embroidery yarn for the embroidery on the mantle, neckline, belt and skirt
bulletSwarovski rhinestones in Indian red
bulletWhite pearls (3mm) for the neckline and belt
bulletWhite pearls (4mm) for the mantle and the sleeves
bulletBraided golden cords for the sleeves and the closing of the belt
bulletHooks and eyes for the closing of the underdress
bulletEyelets for the closing of the belt

General Description:

This dress was chosen very late and only few famous dresses were left to make. A friend of mine, for whom this dress was made, wanted it after she saw just a very fuzzy picture. On this picture this dress looked very easy, no embroidery and no pearls were visible J

I was really delighted, because I had already so much work with my other dresses. Then the truth came to light…….I saw the pictures on alleycatscratch! Oh my god, the embroidery, the pearls and this huge mantle. This dress turned out to be the most difficult and the one on which I worked most long (you could say night and day).

It consists of an underdress made from the golden charmeuse with tight inner sleeves and small train. The sleeves are made of golden knitted yarn (I couldn't find a matching brocade anywhere). The overdress is split in the canter front and has wide “Eowyn” sleeves lined with the charmeuse. At the hem there I have attached the white pearls and on the upper sleeve there are golden braided cords. The neckline is wide and round and also hemmed with tiny pearls.

Attached to the dress is this extremity wide and long mantle which I lined with the charmeuse and hemmed with the pearls. There is embroidery (thank you so much for the pattern!) around the neckline, the skirt, the belt and the mantle.

I can tell you, this mantle looks so stunning but it is really impractical when there are many people. You really need a castle just for yourself.


bulletEowyn´s golden necklace made of fimo and blue pearls
bulletEowyn´s golden circlet made from wire and pearls
bulletShoes sprayed in a gold tone

This was the third costume in our group for the costume contest of the ringcon2004 in Germany.


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