Sarah's Fur

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Sarah & Family - Austria

Eowyn's Fur edged coat

mi sister Sigrun with Lena, Vivian and Luca    

Fabrics & Materials:

bullet4 yards of silk matelassé, dyed in light brown for the coat
bullet4 yards of fine cotton fabric in light brown for the lining
bullet1 yard of dark brown fur imitation for neckline, sleeves and hem
bulletbraided cords dyed in the same colour as the coat
bullet7 golden buttons for the closing of the front
bullethooks and eyes for the closing of the coat

General Description:

Of course when you are doing the refugee outfit you have also to do the fur edged coat. It was the first fabric I dyed ever, and it didn't want to take any colour first. So I had to try many different dyes until I reached a matching colour. What is really terrible about this coat is that I have not yet got a photo that showed the right colour of the fabric L.

The coat is longer in the back than in the front and has a round neckline. The sleeves are wide and are corded at the upper arm. In front the coat is closed by 7 tiny golden buttons and some hooks and eyes. The neckline, sleeves and hem is trimmed with fur imitation.


bulletEowyn´s golden and blue pin from fimo and a blue stone
bulletBelow the coat you wear the refugee outfit

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