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Sarah & Family - Austria

Legolas Fellowship outfit & Council Cloak

Christian Christian,  Ulrike, Vivian  

Fabrics & Materials:

bullet70 cm of silver grey dupion silk for the shirt.
bullet1 yard of light green suede for the jerkin.
bullet1 yard of mossy green suede.
bullet4 yards of silk velvet, which I dyed a light silver.
bullet4 frogs for the closing of the shirt
bullethooks and eyes for the front closing of the jerkin.
bulletEyelets for the cording on the side of the jerkin
bulletSilver yarn for the embroidery on the jerkin.

General Description:

I made this costume about one year ago for the premiere of the last Lord of the Rings movie. The shirt has high collar and the sleeves can be corded with silver cords. On the sleeve it has silver embroidery. The Jerkin is also embroidered with silver yarn and can be corded on the sides and the center back with leather cords. Over the Fellowship outfit a wide cloak is worn which has a stand up collar. The stand up collar drapes because of the silk velvet very soft around the neck. It is closed by a hook and an eye. 


bulletBrown leather belt
bulletLeather vambraces
bulletSuede boots with leather around

This was the second costume of our our group at the costume contest at ringcon2004 in Germany.


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