Fellowship 2

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Recreating the Fellowship

Here we feature costumes from our folks who have recreated some of the members of the fellowship. 

bulletMore of the Fellowship here and here
bulletCheck Hobbiton for Frodo and the other hobbits

Work here represents recreations at all skill levels.

Picture hyperlinks will open to more details about the costumes.


Julia (JediElfQueen)     - Pennsylvania, USA

Model:  Kevin

Check out more details on her web site here:


Includes claps and vambrace detail

Legolas w/ Cloak

Naira and Celestial Girl   -  USA

The Fellowship Cloak modeled by Robyn.  The Legolas costume was made by Celestial Girl.  Naira  found a green wool blend at one of the wholesalers in the area.  ($4 a yard..woo!)  I used a circle skirt pattern to get a good semi-circle, and used the instructions on the website.  I was able to make the entire thing in about six hours.

Aragorn at Helms Deep

Jason    --    USA

Jason is dressed in real chain maille.


Ann W    -    Oregon, USA

        (but from New Zealand)


Click to find out more how she made her outfit, including the bow from scratch.



Sharon          -  New York, USA

Click on the picture to read the construction details.



Pla       -   Thailand

model: Rackt

Click on the picture to find out now it was made and see detail pictures that include ear molds

Frodo and Gandalf

Marc            - Nova Scotia, Canada

Son Sean as model.  Click on the picture to find out how a first time sewer used site tips to create a fun Halloween.

Morgan as Legolas

Lisa,           California, USA

Morgan as model

Click on the picture for more pictures and construction detail including pin and quiver.


Adam   - Nevada, USA

Model is his daughter, Jasmine.

Click on the picture for more pictures and details.


Pat     - Arizona, USA

More pictures <here>


If you do not have a web site or a photo album, we can put the pictures our our server...  Contact us at scrapbook@alleycatscratch.com

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