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Pla's Example     -  Thailand

Click on pictures for enlargements.

Legolas, model: Rackt

Patterns :

Jerkin : from your hp. Velvet in 2 tone of dark green color Trousers : Rackt's jeans. He got the pale old blue color. Tunic : from your hp. Blue grey silk.

Vambrace : Oval piece leather held with strip of leather.

Hair : Wig reference from the DVD and movie guide book.

Boots : Rackt's angle high boots + Oval shaped black leather wrap around his boots hold with stripes of leather

Bow : flat wood bow made to round shape with Japanese model clay and wrap around with paper tape and color with spray color.

Arrow : long Balsa's wood attach bird's feather at the end with leather. 

The belt buckle made from stainless steel shape like his chest buckle (that time I didn't have close detail for his belt buckle l so I used the same as chest's one). The band is dark brown color leather.

Chest buckle : made from Stainless steel used reference from the movie guide picture book and pic from your hp. The band is dark brown color leather.

Quiver : Bamboo wrap around with dark brown leather.

Daggers : made from stainless steel with the reference picture from exhibition in your hp.


Note : I'm 25 yrs old. I have to work in my dad's factory after he passed away 3 years ago. So I don't have much time to make them all by myself + I'm not expert at making dress ^^;;;;.So I have to manage myself and my friends to go to many place to get what I want...that's why I said I didn't do this alone.

1.For the Jerkin and Tunic I order the dressmaker to make it after your pattern. Thank you very much.

2. About those stainless steel product are from my dad's factory .I just print the picture and draw it into scale and as much correct proportion as I could and asking my worker's to making it. All I have done was control them to make it accurate as the picture by their skill.  Then I finishing them with coloring by myself.

The elven brooch made from stainless steel back and front before coloring. The elven brooch made from stainless steel and color with glass color. Legolas's dagger made from Stainless steel follow the picture of the daggers from the exhibition in your hp.

3. For all the leather's work, I went to my friend shop and asking her to make all pieces using the pattern I have drawn and asking for her advice. And also the daggers' sheaths are made from leather.

4. Ears made from silicone using  Liz Glitz's Gelatin ear process  since I  can't find the foam latex here.

Here is the mould for pointy ears plaster cast  and Japanese's model clay. The positive and negative mould make from silicone and the finished product.

Check out some of the LOTR events in Thailand on her website:

"digi eyes on me" at



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