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Adam's Examples   Nevada, USA

Click on pictures for enlargements.

Jasmine as Legolas (or Jazolas)

 The underclothes are store bought powder blue, the long sleeved tunic is actually two shirts, the long sleeved t-shirt has silver thread in it (although you can’t see it in the photos) it gave the whole costume a nice subtle detail. The short sleeve shirt has the collar and the blue string was replaced with a silver string to give it an elvish feel. 

 The Legolas coat was hand made by a friend from Jasmine’s measurements.  She is older and has not seen the movie, so the sleeves aren’t perfect.  Overall the Jacket is well made and durable.  The fabric is Ultimate suede.  The gold detailing (jacket and leather) was done using a gold paint pen and lots of time.  Although you have to look closely at the photos to tell, the jacket has the suede strings that lace up the back and sides. 

The length on the belt and the design on the end were custom designed and do not appear in any reference I know of.  The quiver design was custom made in the spirit of  photos of Legolas’s actual kit that he received from Galadriel, all other designs are as accurate as the reference material I received from this wonderful website.  The boots are simple high top moccasins wrapped in Ultimate suede scraps and laced with real suede laces. 

With the exception of the Ultimate Suede, the rest of the gear is 100% leather.  I tried to include as many detailed photos as possible. 

Hair was done by Jasmine’s mother.  Jasmine wanted to pose for the photos and give the “Legolas look”.  I think she looked pretty darn good. 

Dyes: The darker colored leather is Dark Brown, the lighter richer color of the kit straps is English Brown. 


What I learned and would like to do better next time...

 The bow and arrow kit hangs in a strange way and sagged after a relatively short time.  Next time I will put a 4th strap that secretly goes into the coat around the right shoulder and left side.  This should provide more lift to the quiver itself.  Also thinner leather will be used for the straps themselves.  The straps shown are saddle straps, dyed and cut.  An actual simple buckle will replace one of those shown to accommodate easier dressing.

 I think that’s about it!  I would like any comments to go to 

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