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Sharon's Examples   New York, USA

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Here is how we did it using Salvation Army "finds".
1.  Shirt - men's black silk shirt.  Cuffs cut off and sleeve hemmed to make belled sleeve.  Buttons taken off and shirt sewn up the middle leaving "v" at neck.  Black string sewed to "v" for ties.  Collar removed and edges folded over and sewn down.  Silk was too fragile for the smocking on the sleeves.
2.  Vest - this was the only piece we did from scratch using brown vinyl we got on clearance.  We used a Christmas pageant costume pattern of a shepherds vest.  Added ties up the center for closures. Split sides to waist and hemmed.
3.  Found old leather belt from the 70's.  Buckle was already "ancient".
4.  Pants are a women's petite size velvet stir-up pants that we tightened the legs on.
5. Boots are woman's boots from Salvation Army.
6.  Duster is a petite woman's rain coat.  I removed all the decorative elements and buttons.  Split it up the sides to the waist and hemmed.  Removed the color and trimmed with brown vinyl.
7.  Wrist bands were made of more vinyl cut in diamond pattern and glued/sewed onto a red knee sock with foot section cut off.  This way if would slip over the jacket and stay on.  I then painted designs on the arm band using gold paint pen.
8.  Glove is an old black glove with fingers cut off.
9.  Sword is a store bought ninja sword with case.  Glued leather trim on case so that it could be attached to belt.
10.  Bed roll is a polorfleece lap blanket rolled up and tied with leather trim.
11.  Quiver is a 3" blueprint roll cut to size and covered with vinyl.  Leather trim hides the seams.  A vinyl strip folded over and sewn creates the strap for holding the quiver to the body.  The bedroll is attached to the quiver with more leather trim.
It was fun.  Total cost about $40.  Easy sewing and gluing project.

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