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Lisa's Examples   California, USA

Click on pictures for enlargements.

Morgan as Legolas

Tunic: Simplicity # 9951 with major variations!! Suedecloth in a mossy dark brown and a medium taupe. Design was added to the tunic with silver Zig paint pen (JoAnns)

Vambraces and Quiver: Brown leather-look Vinyl from JoAnns. Gold designs added with gold Zig paint pen. Neither design is absolutely accurate but they look close enough! Arrows were real arrows spray-painted brown with gold Zig pen accents added. Bow was a cheapy fiberglass thing, spray-painted brown , wipe-painted to add khaki, and gold accents added with Zig pen. Quiver is laced up the back side. Took a large plastic cup, glue-gunned a piece of the "leather" to the bottom, and shoved it down into the quiver to give it stability and shape

Undershirt: a rayon sage green Salvation Army find. Collar cut off and silver cord and silver hook fastenings added.

Cape: from the Fellowship cape pattern off the ACS website in a dove grey lightweight wool. You can see how beautifully it drapes.

For pants, we used Lands End boys sweats in Dark Fir- they almost perfectly match the dark color in the tunic, and have a suede look to them.

Boots: taupe suede ultra tall Ugg Boots.... didn't have time to make the toppers from the Vambrace material, and the Ugg boots were warm and looked right (Legolas would have approved!)

Fellowship Pin- is my "Quick and Easy " design now on Cat's site- doesn't it look great?!

Ears are "elf ears" from the costume store- we cut off and used just the tips- spirit gum and makeup to stick them on and blend them in



Fellowship | Fellowship 2 | Fellowship 3 | Fellowship 4 | Fellowship 5 | Fellowship 6

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