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Costume Con 19 


Future Fashion Folio Update


Design Contest deadline extension

That's it for submissions folks!  The Future Folio is now in production.  Come back here for updates later on both the folio and the fashion show.


(I'm temporally leaving up the submission rules for those that need the info.)


Note: just because the official postmark deadline is past, does not mean you cannot still send the designs.. Mail those to Cat Devereaux, 6128 Cahuenga Blvd, #102, North Hollywood, CA 91606. (And if you're almost done after that, e-mail me for the extract judging date or any questions.)  
bullet Do not mail to the Canadian address!  You'll be mailing directly to the judging address.

We will be excepting designs all the way up to judging time


Judging deadline is Thanksgiving - November 23!!!  Send designs until then. Get them to me any way you can - mail, e-mail, hand them to me at LosCon, use a carrier pigeon.  It doesn't matter... though I would like to know they're coming.


We want your costume designs in all categories.  You do not have to be a member of Costume Con 19 to participate in this futuristic fashion design contest.


There are special sponsored cash prizes.  (See the design web page for the detail on each.)


Best Space Suit design


Jeweled Expressions: Best Outfit design based on a piece of jewelry


Spudopolis City: Best design for a non humanoid.


Updated Rules have been added to this site!


The Rules


The Stores

For more information on Costume Con 19 as well as general costume information throughout the world, click over to my links page at Other Worlds!

This page last updated 07/27/09