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Costume Con 19 Fashion Folio Design Contest Rules

Note: this is a reprint of the original rules from the folio director.  Comments in Red are the changes caused by the deadline extension.

The Rules

You do not have to be a member of Costume Con 19 to enter the Future Fashion Folio Design Contest.


All submissions will be accepted after October 15, 1999. All submissions must be post marked no later than October 31st, 2000. Current deadline for the postmark is the 31st, but contact us after than if you've got things almost ready.  We will accepting designs up to our judging date.

Who may enter:

You do not have to be a member of Costume Con 19 to enter the Future Fashion Catalog Design Contest, but you will have to be a member to be able to participate in the construction and exhibition of the design concepts. The Catalog will be mailed to all Costume Con 19 members in early December 2000 (now, early 2001) to allow time for the construction of the designs. (The Future Fashion Show will feature outfits and accessories made from the Catalog. You may select any design and make it up for the Future Fashion Show. Designs with a star *, are reserved for a construction by the designer.) The winners will also appear on our Web site. For those designers who do not wish to have their designs on the internet due to copyright concerns, their designs will appear only in the folio, and at the convention itself.

Submission Guidelines:

All designs must be original designs, whether it is for a human, an alien, a god, or what ever. Please send a photo copy of the design for easy reproduction. You may send a color copy of the design as well, but it must be a copy, not the original.

All submissions must be drawn on 8.5 inches by 11 inches sheets of white paper, using black ink. The back, side views, or details may be drawn on separate sheets.

Good clean art work will give you a plus, but good design work is far more important. We value the quality of the design, not necessarily the artwork. Not everyone is an artist. You can have someone else do the drawing for you, but you must give them the proper credit. It is the concept which is important. Figures are available through the Web site, and by mail for you to trace out and use with your designs. For figures, send a self addressed legal sized envelope with the proper postage, and request the figures series. For figures write to 11003 111 th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta. T5G 0C 7 Canada. All mail in submissions go to the same address.  Mailings must now go directly to the judging address:  Cat Devereaux, 6128 Cahuenga Blvd, #102, North Hollywood, CA  91606 USA.

All submissions must be labeled clearly on the back of the drawing. On the back upper right hand corner, on each design, write your full name and mailing address, the title of the design, and the category. You must number each submission running from: 1 to 20, and with side, back, and color views labeled as: 1 a, 1 b, 1c , etcetera. At this point you can give a full description of the fabrics, textures, colors and other surface detail. You can describe your concept, and explain its functionality.

If you are working from a known media character, such as Mr. Spock, some information and visual references, should also be sent along with the design. When working with a literary character, some written description and/or some cover art, would also be helpful. Not all the judges will be familiar with the particular character you have chosen. This extra information may be the information required to bring your concept into focus.

On the front of your design you should have the design name and the category. Do not write your name on the front of the submission. Both accessories, and costumes should be formatted in the same way. See submission samples.

Legal stuff:

By submitting your designs to this contest, you retain all rights to your Costume Con 19 Future Fashion Catalog submissions. You agree to permit reproduction of the designs in the Catalog, reproduced in various materials for the Future Fashion Show, and display of the winning designs in the Design Galleries of this Web site (optional). Note your permission on your designs. You also allow all photography, video taping, and digital imaging of the designs, and reproductions for a possible Costume Con 19 memory book. All further rights revert to the designer after Costume Con 19.

Email submissions:

Designs may be submitted via email to

bulletI prefer JPG's, PCX s, over GIFs, TIFFS, bitmaps, and other graphic files. In order to fairly judge the designs be aware that the color images will be changed to gray scale for printing. Although a color version can also be printed out. The submissions must satisfy the submission criteria to be entered. For email submission samples go to the submission samples and click the email option. For further inquiries or questions use the above email address.
bulletAt this time the rules are still being worked out. There may still be some amendments to the rules or editing for clarity. The wording in the legal portion may change, but the intent will not.
bulletIf you intend to use the email option, please look at the Email Submission Samples in the regular site. It is graphic intensive, and it may take a while to load, but it has the complete instructions.

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This page last updated: 07/27/09