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The Stores

Triple Red Sun Intergalatic Comerace Stores

The entries for the folio this time around will focus on accessories or separate pieces of costumes.

The setting for the folio is an intergalactic shopping complex. There are a number of shops catering to the various needs of a very diversified clientele. I am hoping for more submissions as single accessory pieces which can be put in a display room with the designs for the fashion folio. Often it is the accessories which actually put the costume over the top especially with the workmanship Judge.

Note: you do not have to assign your design to a store if you are not sure.  The judges will assist in categorizing your designs.  Please click here for the rules.

Welcome to

The Triple Red Sun Intergalactic Commerce Complex

All That Glitters carries a wide range of jewelry to dazzle the eye, and occasionally double as something to keep your enemies at bay or hide a little something.

The ever popular Army/Navy store has a large selection of new and used uniforms, combat gear, weapons, and space suits. There is a space suit competition being sponsored by and judged by Katherine Jepson. I am hoping to see some interesting technical gear and weapons from the tech costumers who rarely submit designs to the fashion folio.

The Big Stretch has a full line of exercise wear and accessories. They have gear for most environments and a diverse clientele. Categories: exercise wear, equipment, and gear for foreign environments.

Bring Them Back Alive caters to deep space survey and the medical profession. Various scanning devices and medical hardware round out the store's inventory. In the Back of the shop there is a small room catering to exterminators. For those times when you definitely don't want them alive.

Cover-up has several lines of clothing for every occasion. From miliskin creations to help the traveler blend in, to elaborate formal wear Cover-up has the covering for all occasions. This area allows the designer to submit full costumes which is the usual fare for the fashion folio.

Deck The Halls is a furniture and decor shop. You will find anything there from a cozy Hobbit study, to Arachnea's den. This allows you to design a single prop or a complete setting. For the complete settings, a mockup could be made for display purposes.

Flash carries a full line of body decoration techniques temporary or permanent. Categories: tattoos, body stains, and alien forms of body adornment.

For The Love Of God caters to all your temple needs. Cowls, thrones, candle holders, magical implements, and special surprises for those pesky mortals.

Kites and Tikes - this establishment is famous for its incredible in kites which the children can either fly, or fly in, and a full line of clothing for those rough and tumble years.

The Marvelous Media Shop caters to all your old favorite shows and is currently heavily merchandising the latest offering from Paramount, "The Newest Generation: Deep Space Voyages In The Slip Stream" the thirty fourth Star Trek incarnation. The shop features fun things like the original robot from "Lost in Space", to the "further adventures of Flash Gordon" which some students started as a joke at "The Feely Franchise," and now are powerful media moguls.

Maternal Instincts maternity wear and a full line of transportation devises for the new born. Maternity fashion shows are regularly held in a weight free environment for the comfort of their customers. Categories: maternal wear and newborn accessories.

The Naked Blade - all fine edged weapons for avid collectors, or just for getting geared up for a mission. A wide range of knives are available, as well as larger and more exotic weapons. There are many one-of-a-kind weapons sought after by collectors, or those who must depend upon their durability in most environments and situations.

Patrice Formal Wear - elaborate gowns, capes, suits of all description, for those special occasions. This establishment is popular with the ambassadorial community, Patrice always has something different, but appropriate for every official function.

Paws, Claws, and Hoofs can tackle the most difficult foot wear needs.

Tops is the hat/head dress ornamentation shop which runs the gambit from catering to the everyday needs of the masses to the opposite end of the scale such as what the trendy goddess must wear to latest festival.

Tandem Tricks for the man or woman of the hour, or fifteen minutes. You will find the most alluring, and exotic clothing available. You will always get noticed in something from Tandem Tricks. Categories: Hooker Fashions and accessories.

Virtually Everything carries a full line of gear to interface with computers, Toys, and hollodeck environments. They carry a number of interesting programs and the appropriate wear and props to go with the fantasy. Categories: head sets, linking gear, games, clothing, weapons, and props.

Water World fashion for the aquatic set, and special needs for the non aquatic. Categories: costumes for non humans, technical gear for special needs groups, and fun water wear for water wallowing.

There will be a fashion show from the catalog at the convention. The fashion show director and MC will be Pierre E. Pettinger. There will also be a display room where you can browse at your own leisure.

Check out our website at: or textonly.html

Note: The A in Area must be a capital, the C in Capsule must be a capital, the rest of the address is in lower case.

Submission Samples: Please note that these samples have been reduced to fit on the flyer. They represent 8 2" by 11" pages.

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This page last updated: 07/27/09