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Costume Con 19's Fashion Show and Single Pattern Design Contest News

Find all the latest news here!!!  These pages will be updated often between now May 2001 to keep you informed.  We've got info here for show participants, back stage help, and for those who just want to know more about the event.

These shows are a great way to participate in the costuming fun at CC19!!!

Note these pages are now inactive.  See the new C19 web site:

Late breaking Fashion Show news

bulletWill include: Notes from the directors.

Reserve a Future Fashion Folio Design to make for CC19

bulletHow to reserve a design

What designs have been reserved?

bulletList of what designs have been reserved.

See the Fashion Folio Designs

bullet Check out drawing from the actual Costume Con 19 Future Fashion Folio at:
bulletThis section is still being downloading, so keep coming back to check out the new items.
bulletHow do you get your own copy of the folio?
bulletBecome a supporting member of Costume Con 19.

Who/What/Where/When - Costume Con 19

bulletDirector's Contact Information
bulletDate of the Shows
bulletLink to the main CC19 site

Single Pattern Contest (& where to get the patterns)

bulletWhat is it all about - Wearable Art!
bulletNo advance sign up required to compete!!!! 

Fashion Folio Official Site 


All about CC19's Fashion Folio contest.  This includes the rules, the store categories, figures, samples, and all other kinds of details.

The Future Fashion Folio


All about our Fashion Folios
bullet Articles
bullet Design figures
bullet How to
bullet Neat Links

bullet Under Construction.  Information coming soon.
bulletIf you would like to contribute to this endeavor, please contact us.

Pease come and checkout the other News Flash sections of Alley Cat Scratch!

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If linking to this site for CC19 Fashion Show information, please use this page..  All other documents and links below this page are subject to change at the webmaster's whim or the show director's command!  Contact at for any web related issues. 

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