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For those of you who are first-timers to Costume-Cons, let us briefly explain how this works. The winners of the Future Fashion Design Competition have been compiled into a special folio. These winners where chosen solely on their design characteristics. At Costume-Con 19 there will be a Future Fashion Show. Any member of the con may reserve a design and make it up for the show. However, you may not simply choose any design. You must reserve a design with the Show Directors.

Designers have first choice of their own designs. Some Designs have already been reserved by the designers and are marked as such in the Folio. These designs are not available to other persons. All remaining designs are available for Costume-Con 19 members to choose. To assure fairness, no reservations will be accepted by the Fashion Show Directors until 15 days after the postmark date on your folios: January 20, 2001 (for those who can't read the post office mud mark). Designers choosing one of their own designs are not subject to the 15-day restriction.

When submitting a request please submit three designs in order of your preference. This way, if your first choice has already been reserved we can give you another choice. We will be accepting reservations by electronic mail, phone call, or fax. While we will not reject a request submitted through regular mail, you will lose several days of transit time, which may affect priority of design selection. The e-mail address and phone number are listed here. Please note that you may call between 7:00 A. M. and 11:00 P.M. Central Time. There is an answering machine at this phone number so you will only have to call once. If you call, please speak clearly and include page numbers of your selections and a phone number or e-mail address so we can confirm your choice. ( A regular mail address is ok, but we prefer the other two.) We have a fax attached to this phone number, so you may send a fax if you wish. Instructions for sending faxes are included in the answering machine message.

You may make up any number of designs for the show, but you may only appear on stage once during the Fashion Show. If you do wish to make more than one design you must have other bodies to wear them. List those individuals in your request so we can plan the show. If you need help finding models, let us know and we will attempt to help you. Please let us know if you are planning a Single Pattern Entry as well. At this time, we are intending to combine the two shows, to highlight the mall theme, and it will be difficult to have people changing costumes during the show.

Once you have successfully reserved a design we will send you a confirmation. If a color rendering is available, we will let you know. We can send you a copy of the color rendering for copy and postage costs.

As designs are selected, they will be listed here.

Please contact us directly. Sending it to this web site or the convention committee will only delay your request.

We will be available by any mail format or the telephone for questions or information, or check the web site.

As we mentioned, the show will be planned and choreographed. Please be sure you can finish a design if you choose one. We request that you keep us advised of your progress.

== Pierre and Sandy Pettinger

CC19 Fashion Show Directors

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