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Fashion Folio Costumes Reserved List

The master list is now at

Please check out <Reserve a Design> for information on reserving a design to make for Costume Con 19's Fashion Show in May 2001.

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Design Name   


Reserved by

  Ambassadorial Wear Unisex Klingon Ambassadorial Wear Margaret Richardson Alison Kondo



Member of the Electoral College   

Pierre & Sandy Pettinger   

Sandy Pettinger


Dress Brass   

The Grand Verderer of Mars   

Pierre & Sandy Pettinger   

Pierre Pettinger

  Forman Wear, Women's Ice Fall Alison Kondo Karen Siemens

Hostess Wear   

Blue Dreams   

Julia Hyll   

Julia Hyll

   Past Glories Retro 1910's Daywear, Asian Influences Alison Kondo Alison Kondo
Past Glories Retro 1930's Daywear Alison Kondo Linda Peterson

Designs are listed alphabetically by Award Category title.  You must be a member of Costume Con 19 to participate.

See the Fashion Folio on-line.

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