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Links into other worlds!   


See these separate pages for some great topic specific links. (OK, my personal option, but I figured I might as well put my fav's where I could get to them.  Hopefully you'll find them useful too. )

bulletCostuming - educational mega link sites, pictures, companies, etc. 
bulletIrish Wolfhounds - Rescue Trusts, official clubs, all about these dogs, wolfie pictures, major link sites as well as other animal stuff!
bulletWriting - Tools, products, meetings places.
bulletMiscellaneous links are at the bottom of this page.

I'm adding more as I have time.  However, I'm not going to hope to cover a fraction of the amazing sites out there. Instead I've picked among my favorites. The links are beginnings, whether you are looking for information or entertainment. Many of these items will provide you with massive sets of links to research start points and great indexes..

Here's all the misc fun stuff:

bulletThe Seeing Ear Theatre
bulletRadio theatre is back again!!!  Get lost in time with your imagination.
bulletJ. Michael Straczynski's "Theatre of Dreams"
bulletThink of it as 'Twilight Zone' for the ears... only more.
bulletOld-Time Classic Radio Grandmasters Series, "Tales from the Crypt", and more. 
bulletHeather Alexander - Celtic Fiddler, Singer and Songwriter
bulletShe's a story teller extraordinaire!  Her music is magical and involving.
bullet  This is the lady who wrote the blood boiling "March of Cambreadth".  Yet, she can a moment later introduce you to the romance of "The Garden".
bulletI'm amazing hooked on her music.  What can I say, but buy her music.  (They're now set-up to take orders on line.)
bulletGuess who's CD are always in my car's player?
bulletAin't It Cool News - Harry Knowles
bulletWant an irreverent look at the movies???  Want sneaks about what's in development?  This is my favorite site for movie reviews and hot movie news.
bulletThe Leprechaun Corp - Brad Clover
bulletThis mischievous little site by a Knight of the Rose and Circuit will brighten your day.
bulletCome find out how the leprechaun's made the Northern Lights.
bulletNeed a special wish for courage? for a dream? or a recipe for a brother?  See the Guild book to Wishes section.

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