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Costuming Links

The web has lots of yummy eye candy out there and quite a bit of serious costume research information as well.  A number of folks have done such great jobs of organizing costume info on the web, we're just going to providing our most used resource links in this section.

bulletCostume Research Starting Points
bulletCostuming Contact Points
bulletCostume Events
bulletCostume Web Classes
bulletCostume Resources/Supplies
bulletSurvey of Costume Program Schools
bulletOther Costume Links
bulletda Cat's web picks
bulletPast months

More Costume Information

Check out Alley Cat Scratch's News Flash section.  There are all kinds of costume events listed along with some of the latest costuming news and products.

Costume Research Start Points

Hours of surfing ahead...

bulletThe Costume Page - Julie Zetterberg
bulletThis site get my vote for the ultimate costume resource. There are pages and pages of site links to everything from museums to organizations to ethnic costumes to Halloween costumes and EVERYTHING in between.  There are over 2,000 places for you to explore.  It's gotten a lot of awards that really back up the fact that this site is a must see.  Set your bookmark.
bulletAdditional costumer resource link pages
bulletSites listed in no special order, each have their own specialties.  Once you start to export, you'll loose hours... but oh what a way to skip sleep!  How often link sites are updates varies on the time the folk have so at different times, one link or the other may be more up-to-date.
bulletThe Costumer's Manifesto  - Tara Maginnis
bulletOver a 1000 links to investigate, articles about a real live costume shop, costume tour information, how-to articles and links, and much more.  
bulletThe Milieux Costume Site
bulletMany, many links.
bulletHistorical and Science Fiction. 
bulletCostume- ConNections
bulletTHE place to find out all about all Costume-Cons and their history.
bulletLatest news on all the Costume-Cons in one place
bulletThe most complete photographic history of the Costume-Cons
bulletHere is a place to see our community's history!
bulletInformation on our the folk in our Costuming Community
bulletICG archive information
bulletA great collection of links
bulletThe Great Pattern Review  
bulletAn incredibility collection of reviews on costume patterns.  People discuss what patterns worked and didn't work for their body sizes. Patterns are rated and there are some pictures of the outfits.
bulletWhile you're at it, check out the Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild's entire site for costume makers, suppliers, renters, etc.  (While concentrated in the San Francisco Area, it's not limited just to that area.)
bulletThe Costume Gallery 
bulletThousands of costume photos, great stories, lots of resources.
bulletAlso check out their Costume Classroom for classes on the web.
bulletTextile information.
bulletPattern Companies On the Web
bulletNice little page that list all the traditional pattern companies that have web pages.  Totally useful for basic sewing.  
bulletDon't forget to check these companies out for the "light" version of costumes with heavy duty instructions.  
bulletThey'll be great for beginners, but don't plan for historical accuracy.  (Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.)


Costume Contact Points (also see the Events section)

bulletInternational Costumer's Guild -
bulletProvides links to the chapters of the International Costumer's Guilds, coming events, guild information and many other useful and fun links.
bulletFind a guild chapter in you area <here>
bulletCostume Con  -
bulletThe most wonderful place to go every year to learn about costuming in a wild setting where you immerse yourself in costumes for an entire weekend.
bulletThis event travels to a new location every year.
bulletAlso Information about the latest costume con at Costume-Connections.
bulletThe Lively Arts Historical Association (LAHA)
bulletMajor resource site for places to do historical reenactment. Dance sites includes the home of the Social Dance Irregulars. Besides a very comprehensive calendar of dance and reenactment, they will have classes on everything from Victorian manners to complex living history programs that span the middle ages, to sea dogs of the 1800's to Victorian to .... well you get the idea.  Go there.
bulletBased in Southern California but covering/linking to many other areas.
bulletIf you're looking for someone to come out and present a historical costumed program, these are the folks to contact. 
bulletSee Research Start Points also.  The main sites listed contain a dizzying array of different costume groups and activities. 
bulletLASFS's Links to Science Fiction Conventions
bulletLos Angeles Science Fantasy Society has a great links page out into the wide world of Science Fiction Conventions.
bulletCostume Society for America
bulletAcademic group with conferences and events
bulletVery detailed research vs. recreation of costumes.
bulletRegion 5 (Western US and Western Canada)
bulletSociety for Creative Anachronism
bulletRecreating Medieval life
bulletArts and Science festivals, wars, symposiums, discussion groups
bulletDivided into kingdoms and baronies geographically.  You should be able to find something in your area. Numerous online webs with great costume research and examples.
bulletLA area is the Kingdom of Caid.
bulletNocturne's Swing Times
bulletThe ultimate source  for Swing Dance in Los Angeles.  There's something hopping almost every night.  Their calendar will even load into your palm.
bulletDance classes all the time.
bulletEven resources for hair.


Costume Web Classes

bulletCostume Classroom
bulletCostumer's Manifesto:
bulletSew What's New
bulletMany more classes, including distance learning and college credit courses:


If you know of other costuming classes on the web, please write.


Costume Events 

Moving this over to the news section of this web

bullet News Flashes to catch the most up-to-date information
bulletCostume Events is mainly Southern California centric... but does list some bigger events on the international scene and has some great event calendars.
bulletSF Masquerades.  Again, SoCal centric but includes national and international events.


Costume Resources/Supplies

bulletAlterYears, for the Costumer - official web site
bulletHoards of costume patterns, costume accessories, costume books, corsets, hoopskirts, etc.  Located in the Los Angeles area but do mail order all over the world.  
bulletTheir site has now been updated.  Check it out for new items being added all the time.
bulletThe Whole Costumer's Catalogue 
bulletThis book is a fantastic directory/shopping guild that contains hoards and hoards of places to buy costume related items.  There's everything from fabric and trim stores to specialists in feathers, beads, leather, etc.  The cross referencing by category and state are amazing.  A "must have" to help you create your wildest costume ideas.
bulletThese store reviews are written for costumers by costumers.  Everyone is allowed to send in their favorites.  Share your shop experiences with the WCC.
bulletWhile you're there checkout their haunted house quality costumes at


More Costume Inspirations & Links

bulletThe Art of Michael Whelan
bulletYou will recognize his art from many Science Fiction book covers.
bulletHis wonderful artwork on this site is a great inspiration to costumers.
bulletLord of the Rings <-- this movie has amazing costumes
bulletThe official move site
bulletHas a very useful interview with the costume designer.
bulletKiller fan site with lots of photos, news and scoops.
bulletHome of Lord of the Rings Costume
bulletMovie Costume Auction from New Line Cinema
bulletNew Line auctions costumes and props from many of their movies.  This site will normally have things from their newer movies, but sometimes they will have a great classic piece.




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