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OK, all personal sites are suppose to have an "interests" section.  So, here's what ya get from the webmaster...

This is just a quick list of my main interests.  It's a very crazy mix... but isn't that how to keep sanity in an insane world????

Check out Other Worlds for links to all the originations and events I mention here.


Costumes - also see Photo Fantasy for my work


Irish Wolfhounds


Jewelry Making




Computer Stuff



bulletI've always loved making costumes since I made my first vampire cape by myself and put the collar on backwards.  Well, I've learned a lot since the 6th grade and the "hobby" has grown. 
bulletI've dabbled in costuming for theatre, TV pilots, a small series and b-movies. When I wasn't working on the production side,  I learned slash and burn costuming -- how to put together a look quickly and within budget -- when there was any at all.  The trick...know the requirement and just work to that... background costumes need a silhouette, close-up... detail above the chest.  Do whatever sewing is needed so that they could last long enough for the shoot... but the rest was vanity.
bulletIn the mid-80s I met up with the International Costumer's Guild.  My costuming hobby that had gone somewhat dormant because of my 9-9 computer job, took off again.  This time around instead of quick costumes, I got into details... many, many details both inside and out.
bulletBesides making costumes that covered time periods from ancient to far future, I also got into volunteer work with the ICG.  Here's just a few of the past jobs I've done as part of costuming:
bulletMulti-year president of the Costumer's Guild West - the SoCal chapter of the International Costumer's Guild (ICG).
bulletEdited the Costumer's Quarterly - the quarterly costume magazine of the ICG.  (Note: this magazine has seen been replaced with a newsletter.)
bulletHelp organize Costume College (r) and was its 2nd Dean.  (I won't even begin to list everything done then and in the related years, just say more than a little bit of everything.)
bulletApplied my previous Stage Managing experience to Backstage Managing for masquerades and related events.  (To me, this was the best fun... but then again, I love the insanity of putting together a show on the spot.)  Scarily, the highlights include things like...
bulletBackstage Manager for all special events for ConFrancisco (a WorldCon in San Francisco), including the masquerade and Hugo Awards ceremony.
bulletBackstage Manager for all special events for Conadian (a WorldCon in Winnipeg), including the masquerade and Hugo Awards ceremony... was smaller but did this one with less than 3 months planning. 
bulletBackstage Manger for Costume Con 8 &10 which included 2 major masquerade each and a couple of fashion shows over the course of a long weekend.
bulletHave done too many other masquerades and fashion shows to remember, little the less to mention here... then moved on to masquerade directing.
bulletNow-a-days, I train people on how to run a cleaner (and less hectic backstage).  How much have I done this???  Enough that I co-wrote the book!!! (Seriously.... it's almost a inch thick and I use it constantly for shows.) 
bulletThe Masquerade Handbook is co-written by Janet Wilson Anderson and myself.   Contact me if you have trouble getting a copy.
bulletI've stage numerous costume exhibits from a dozen items to well over 100 items (LA WorldCon) that included everything from 20 foot wings flown in the Anaheim Convention Center to a monster even longer than the wings to pure historical items.
bulletBecause of these, I was always a sucker for doing costume fashion shows... whether it be stage managing, providing costumers, scripts, logistics, whatever... I'd just jump right in.
bulletNow-a-day and doing more teaching at conferences and on the web.  I have a grand time sharing what I've leaned with others.  I'm a firm believer in passing the knowledge forward.  I teach at everything from local venues to international conferences.
bulletOf course, this list doesn't include the incredible amount of articles written in the process of doing these jobs or the volunteer coordination, the publicity work or... well, you get the picture.  (Yes, I consider this all part of the fun.)  
bulletCostuming is much, much more than just hours spent with fabric, sewing and research.  It takes organization to find and keep venues to do costume events.  Even more time should be spent working with the crews that are required to allow folks to present their costume magic.
bulletA funny thing happened on the way to me slowing down on costuming... I started storing a few picture links on a certain movie that capture my fantasy.  I was in awe of the detail work and the depth of the design.  The rest... is history...
bullet'LOTR Costume' was born in January 2002 as a little web page or 5 for my friends and me to study costume pictures  from the first LOTR Movie.  We dived in as a group.  No one expected the LOTR movies to be so popular and by a wild extension...  ACS.  Everyone of every sewing level wanted to make costumes from the movie.  What I didn't realize at the start-up was that we were embarking on something that had never been done before... and that movie accidentally  was the perfect launch platform.  As a group, the whole team expanded it from hard core costume study to all about LOTR Costuming and then all about making costumes... and wrote it for people at all levels.  The Alley Cat Scratch website is now a bigger than life, an entity all of it's own.  Now it grows and expands... and I can no longer guess where it will finish.
bulletACS continues to grow into hundreds of pages with the help of a whole team... it certainly keeps me busy.
bulletOK... I've got to mention one more thing on costuming (or I'll get too harassed by my friends.)  In 2005 I was awarded the International Costumer's Guild's Lifetime Achievement award. (Thanks you, guys)
bulletOK, far too much on costuming... In closing, here are some places on my web to look for more costuming information and fun.
bulletJust a couple of places to look for more costume stuff...
bulletAbout the only place you'll find my costumes up on the web Photo Fantasy. I never took a lot of pictures.  Always figured there was tomorrow... so I didn't worry.  Well, snap them when you can.  You never know what tomorrow is.

Irish Wolfhounds:

bulletWhile I've none of the wonderful giant hounds now, I've share my life with them for a number of years.  Soon I'll get up some pictures and notes of some of the beasties.  They're the most amazing dog in the world.
bulletSee Other Worlds Irish Wolfhound links.  
bulletI list the Rescue Trusts at the top of the list because while the gentle giants are a marvelous pet, they are also one that takes much time, care and devotion.  
bulletThink before you adopt one!

Jewelry Making:

bulletI do not do casting, but I love combining pieces of metal, stone and crystal together.  This is a great complement to the costuming that I do. I make a lot of accessories for the costumes using the techniques.
bulletI do sell custom pieces both fantasy and historical.  (Pages will be included later for these.) 
bulletYes, photos are coming, some decade!


bulletI like writing Science and Speculative Fiction.
bulletI've had no time to do this much lately.  Real life and other commitments intrude far too often.  It doesn't matter if it's stories or scripts... just want to get back to it!!! However, this remains a "future goal" until life settles down and I can devote the time I need to create my worlds of the future.
bulletNon-fiction work:
bulletA lot of my writing has been costume articles and book reviews.  The vast majority of these have been for the International Costumer's Guild and our local chapter, but I've written articles for other magazines. I can turn out a review without stopping to blink now-a-days but would like to get back to fiction.  However, it is fun to write how-to articles and share the knowledge with other folk.
bulletI'm a past editor of the International Costumer's Guild's "Costumer's Quarterly".  That was an insane time, but fun.  The whole world got to find out how bad I spelled.
bulletScary specialty:
bulletI didn't plan to get know for writing obituaries... but somehow it happened.  I try to rekindle the spark of a friend when I write, and apparently succeed... others come and ask me to help in their time of need.
bulletMy biggest story would be my "Challenger Obituary".  I was on the beach in Florida waiting to see my first launch.  Little did I know I'd be watching the explosion of a dream.  When I got home from "vacation", I pour my reactions out raw on paper.  It's weird to still hear people quote from it occasionally... but it must mean that I did touch them, somehow.
bulletDavid Gerald says, "The first million words are practice".  I'm beyond that now, so I'm really chomping at the bit to get back to writing and see where it takes me.
bulletSee Other World's Writing Links for more.



Computer stuff:

bulletI'd been programming forever, but the newer version of job has pulled me away from the hard core work I used to do.  It paid the rent and feed the other things I like to do.  However, I still love the satisfaction of watching the final results when the whole project came together.  It was almost the same thrill as writing.
bulletI loved working with databases.  I can make data walk, talk 'n' do anything I want it to do.  (I still do specially consulting on this.)
bulletThis sometimes means insane data conversions with insainer deadlines.  However, never found that there isn't someway to get to the data... it just depends on how obstinate you're willing to be.  Yes, sometimes you have to go in and hand tweak a bit, but computers can do 99.99%... and should do it.
bulletReally the same thing goes for user requirements... there always is some way to get the data to work for you and not against you.  However, it's not always going to be easy.  Real life and real functions don't often fit into a few lightly normalized tables.  But then again, it was what put da bread on the table and allowed me to do other things.
bulletThis web started as another way to learn a new skill. Various sections are just me practicing and learning new skills.  I'm a firm believer that learning should never stop.  On the other hand... it's amazing what you can do with wizards and templates now-a-days.  What's the old adage, work smarter, not harder? I so believe in that.
bulletI've discovered that I really like editing pictures and  with graphics side of things... but, like... I really need a new hobby???????  

-Cat Devereaux-


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