Julie's Examples

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Julie's Examples     - Florida, USA

Arwen's  Chase Dress & Elf

Click on pictures for enlargements.

My boyfriend told me I looked kind of like Arwen.   I decided I wanted to be her for Halloween. I did a bunch of research and told my mother (an amateur seamstress) what I wanted to do... and made her watch the movie with me.

We found a pattern and worked on modifying it. She started sewing about a week before Halloween... so it was rushed!

Some notes... Mom painted the design on the sleeves with a NEEDLE! She noticed the herringbone detailing on the seams and attempted to do the same, but only got 1/2 the herringbone done (a slash-stitch) on all the seams on the sleeves and bodice.

The collar isn't as big as it should be, but we ran out of time to alter it. (and ran out of dark grey thread to do the texturing on the inner collar) The lacing had to be done with a ribbon as I could not find anything similar to silk to use. (This isn't a big crafting/sewing area!) The material is thinner and needed to be so as I live in Florida and it was 82 degrees on Halloween. The skirt is in 4 panels, with a solid white slip under it. The white undersleeves are stitched into the grey petal sleeves.

I lucked out and found boots that kind of fit me - black suede that laced up the front. Close enough. I couldn't find the plum leggings, had to go with a maroon color instead. Also couldn't find decent grey gloves, so I just got black velvet ones - unless you looked close they looked like they were black suede and matched the boots.

My ears were store bought latex. (Next time I'm making my own!). I dyed my hair to a very dark brown/black and had the 3 fishtail/herringbone braids in for Halloween.

My boyfriend  knew of my plan a couple of months in advance and (the sweetheart that he is) gave me the Evenstar pendant (The Noble Collection version) for a birthday present.

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