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Shawna's Examples   Montana, USA

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Arwen's Angel Dress

For my version of Arwen's Angel dress, I used Simplicity pattern# 5843 view B w/o the tunic for the overdress and McCall's pattern# 3653 view A w/o the flowy contrast sleeve for the underdress. 

Each had it's disadvantages, example #3653 had princess seams which I hadn't sewn before. I ended up inserting extra triangles of fabric in the side seams to create a proper fit that I don't think I would have needed if not for the princess seams. Pattern #5843 was super easy but I do plan to take a bit of the excess fabric out of the back or find a way to compress it to create a less billowy effect. I did not make the ends of the underdress sleeves wide, but fitted.

For Fabric, I used to different kinds of satin: costume satin in white for the underdress and baroque satin for the overdress, again in white. In retrospect, I wish I had used the latter for the former and vice-versa. I also used a white sheer to line the overdress sleeves for a finished look inside the sleeve. For trim on the neckline, I used a yard of loose weave trim and hand beaded sequins in two different shapes, faux pearls, and seed beads in silver and blue. As for the trim on the edges of the split sleeve outer dress and the split up the front, I used silver embroidery floss and small clear beads and did a variation of a blanket stitch.

The cloak was created from Butterick #3084 view C and royal blue satin and sheer for the lining. It was very simple to create.





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