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Harness Assembly  

With  the harness on, you can Time Warp in the Snow Queen.  However, the collars must be removed to unhook it from the harness. 

Chest strap, note adjustment bar.
Waist strap. 

Crosses over in back just like a pair of suspenders

Circles show where the suspender length adjusters are.

Open square, the waist adjust slide.

Arrows point to the wires.  These should be removed and adjusted to the top of your shoulders.

Shoulder wires just slip through the strapping.
Front fastened.  The chest strap just snugs up the waist strap
Shows the harness on over the slip.

Applying the harness on the shoulders

Top circle shows the wires in the harness.

Bottom  circle on the blue princess dress shows the little opening under the lace at the top of the shoulder.

When the harness is on (over the slip), the wires go though the opening in the shoulder seams of the princess dress.
The underside of the robe.... the barrette is sticking through showing where the wires should be inserted.
Top of the robe...  barrette just shows the hole where the wires come through.
Here are the wires inserted through the top
Wire is just twisted around the barrette to secure.  The barrette is curved to fit comfortably on the shoulder under the collar.

Once secured the collars can be hooked on.


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Last updated 07/27/09


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