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Assemble Top Collars

How to assemble the upper collars....

There are 2 collars that detach:  quilted collar and foam collar.  Both of these hook onto the under collar of the velvet robe.  There are also option steps for hooking on the harness.


This is double interfaced, plus lined.  All the weight of the velvet robe has to be handled by the collar.  The yoke is soft so that it can just be curled up for packing.

Circles are where the harness wires pull through at the top seam.  The open boxes are where the quilted collar hooks are sewn.

(Robe stretched out)

Identifying the hooks on the under collar:  Numbers are to the foam collar.  Letters hook to the quilted collar.

Foam collar upside down.

Strips hook onto the under collar (1-3).  Wires (4) are for securing the collar in front.  Wire (5) is an option securing wire to the quilted collar.


Quilted collar flipped upside down

Letters hook to the under collar.  These lock in securely and may be tugged to shape

(A) Center Back

(B) Sides

(C) Front edge just below the the undercollar

(5) Optional wire in to secure the two collars together.

Put robe on.  Make sure to pull it forward  to get the shoulder line at the top of your shoulders.   If you are using the harness now is the time to secure it.
Here the foam collar has just been put around the neck.  Arrows show where the fabric bits will be hooking.
Two back tabs have been hooked.  Box is where the harness will come through.

<Here> to see how the collar adjusts.

Arrows are show tabs are hooked down.  Half boxes are the hooks for the quilted collar.  Small circles are the top of the shoulders.  Top circle is the (5) wire.  Note, at this point only the strips have been hooked in, nothing is wired.
Put on the quilted collar.  Hook up back to front.

Note it still is not wired down in front.

Snug on robe and make sure it's positioned.

Insert one side of the wire around the hook under the quilted collar. Line up the collars and the robe.  Give the wire a couple of light twists and tuck out of the way.

The cord for the wig braid is also attached to the 4h hook.  Make sure to give the wig a twist in back first.  Then pull the wig up to the hook before making a slip knot.  (If you don't pull the braid up a bit, you will have trouble turning your head.

Quilted collar supports the structure at a slight curve.

The snow queen easily packs down between wearing.  Assembly is straight forward. 

I have no connection with Lennox.  This costume was just created based on inspiration that started with the figure.

Questions, please contact

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Last updated 07/27/09


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