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The Lenox Snow Queen Figurine - side by side comparisons

My  most favorite figurine in the Lenox Legendary Princess Collection.  Here's my creation of the costume.   The figurine is beautifully hand painted china, only about 19 inches high.

I wanted to recreate the costume in detail... including it's 3D quality.  The rules... follow exact, except that everything under 1" would have been too small to duplicate, so I could get fancier.  Also, the model must be able to walk in it.  I also wanted to get away from to matt look of the figure painting.  I used a cotton velvet to keep the dress in matt tones, but anything related to the "snow", I wanted glittery and bright.  I did this with glitter fabrics, bright brocades, iridescent beads, mirror bits, rhinestones, sequins, fabric paints and glitter.



Smaller Details

Cuff detail.  Hand beaded on velvet, sequins and beads on lace Compare to original, points of lace even match in number
Crown and wig detail  

I have no connection with Lennox.  This costume was just created based on inspiration that started with the figure.

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