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LOTR Costume

Aboard the S. S. Venture



A warm wool coat and a knit barrette    

Screen Test

For her screen test, Ann wears a Beauty and the Beast fantasy costume.  It has a very medieval flare.  Metallic link belt.  Metal decorative bits hold sleeves together.

    note the sleeve are open all the say down the side and held together by clips.
    There's a seam showing here and something else. ????
Underpinnings?  Is this her or an early bullet bra. Long line bra? Hands fully extended, back arched. Hands coming down.  Still see shape.



Seams extend all the way down the skirt, with pleats. If you look close you can see the lace of the slip underneath two toned belt, darker color is probably a strong red (matched from other B&W pics) small clasp fastens the top of.  Simple flip over collar.


We don't see much of this costume.  Ann just wear a rain slicker



Note: Ann always wears her Island Dress aboard ship

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