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The Finale Gown

Ann's finally gown needs a study and more pics.  Where the heck are the seams???  The top two thirds is beads and or sequins, thicker decoration at the top.  The skirting is layers of silks - chiffon on top, satin fabric under.  Lines appear to be

With the fur wrap

Beautiful fur wrap with orchard corsage Hair, finger waves with the rest of the hair caught at the nape of her neck. Carries a small clutch purse and handkerchief at most times.

Note the skirt.  It looks like the sequined (?) bodice fabric curves down in front to a point.  But not 100% sure yet, more study needed



The Beaded Gown


Dress overview Note the sheerness of the dress  
Beadwork, sequins & pearls on the gown.  Rhinestone broach on the center of the dress.  Rhinestone bracelet.    
3 different enhancements of the bead work Neckline of the gown looks like silver bugle beads  
Shirt has a chiffon look Note how raised the work is.  Pearls? Peek-a-boo!  Note: the straps are not staying up on her dress - product of the low scoop front and back


Back of the Dress

Note tassels back.  The front bit is actually the orchard.  Are we seeing a curve here, an inverted "U" when the layers of skirt are attached to the shiny bodice fabric. Same, darkened  
Back seam and zipper    


Hem Study

Can see at least 2 layers    
  Note how the hem looks diagonal here.  It is seen that way in the miniatures too.  Dress is just scrunched up. No tape is used on the shoulder straps, the dress is off her shoulder again.
This is about as much leg as we see.  We never seen the top of the stockings or underpinnings. The chiffon layers are shear  


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