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Kell's Examples   Tennessee, USA

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Arwen's Chase Dress

My mother and I made this costume together. We used Simplicity Costumes 9891, edited for the collar and the bottom of the skirt. We weren't able to find any decent grey material to use for it, so we decided to use a dark blue suede and let the whole thing be a blue tinted. The gloves, boots and pants I already had (I tried to dye gloves to match, but it didn't work too well! So I had to use some old ones of my own) The

belt buckle was made of sheet metal with a foam backing. All of the lighter pieces (the cord, the design on the collar and the under dress) were dyed. The necklace was bought.

I realise now I made some mistakes on it, but all in all I'm very happy with it. It turned out to be pretty sturdy, too - I wore it all Halloween day to work and then to school, and had no problems (except with the heels on the boots, but that's another story)

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