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Dwarf Costume Descriptions

from The Hobbit book

Thorin and his Company of Dwarves are Bilbo's main companions on his amazing journey though Middle-earth.

Character Index

Thorin and Company

General description of the Dwarf company at Bilbo's

  • "13 of the best detachable party hoods"  ***
  • Dwarves  wear gold & silver belts
  • Some wear yellow stockings (possibly Thorin) and someone wears grey stockings
  • Armor
  • The Dwarves carry musical instruments.  Some are left on Bilbo's porch, some Dwarves carry them on the journey.

Thorin Oakenshield

Travel Clothes

  • Sky-blue hood with a long silver tassel
  • Jacket
  • Possibly wears yellow stockings
  • Wears a fine gold chain around his neck, on which he hangs the key
  • Gold belt around his waist
  • Sword: Called “Biter” but has the goblin name of  “Orcrist” (It is confiscated by the Wood-elf King but returned for burial)
  • Plays a golden harp.  It is kept wrapped in a green cloth. (It is left on Bilbo's porch or hall)


  • Thorin wears a maille coat of gold plated rings
  • Belt is encrusted with scarlet stones.
  • Silver hafted axe worn in the belt


  • Green, Hooded Cloak
  • Gold belt
  • Blue beard
  • Plays the viol (which is left on the porch)


  • Scarlet Hood
  • White beard
  • Played the viol (which is left on the porch)

Kili & Fili (the youngest)

  • Blue Hoods
  • Silver Belts
  • Yellow Beards
  • Each carry a bag of tools and spades
  • Play little fiddles (carried in their bags)
  • Also play harps when in the Erebor treasure room


  • Purple Hood
  • Plays the flute, (carries it  inside his coat)


  • Purple Hood
  • Plays the flute (carries it  inside his coat)


  • Gray Hood
  • Play the flute (carries it inside his coat)


  • Brown hood

Gloin - Gimli’s Father

  • White hood


  • Yellow hood
  • Plays clarinet (which is left with the walking sticks)


  • Yellow Hood
  • Plays clarinet (which is left with the walking sticks)


  • Pale green hood
  • Plays a drum (which is left in Bilbo's hall)

Dain’s Dwarves

Dain is crowned King under the mountain, after Thorin. There is no special clothing description for him, only his retainers...

  • hose of fine & flexible metal mesh
  • belts
  • caps of iron
  • shod in iron
  • Weapons
    • 2 handed mattocks
    • short broad sword at side
    • round shield on their back
  • beards are forked plaited and tucked into their belts

 *** Dwarf Hood Patterns

The hoods Tolkien describes are "party" hoods, so they're likely of good fabric and brighter than normal dress.  At least one has a tassel, so they're likely to have a point or even a long tail, a liripipe.

Here we make a guess that most likely the hoods he's referring to are medieval hoods, which are separated from cloaks.  The long tail (liripipe) was 14th century.

Here is a sample Medieval hood.  Check out Dawn's pattern and sewing instructions <here>


Page created by  Faye, Richard, Judy and the The Red Backed Book yahoo group

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