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Arwen's Blood Red Gown 

I started with four yards of dark red cotton velvet and one yard of gold and red paisley.  I went through many trail runs of dying different cotton paisleys before I came back and dyed my original paisley with scarlet rit dye.  Since the original paisley was an acetate blend, it turned it from a bright, overpowering gold and red to a soft rose and red, not effecting the parts of the pattern that were already red. 

For the lower sleeves, I stared with four yards of red cotton velvet and cut a large circle sleeve.  I had to go back to the store and buy four more yards of the red velvet because the original four yards turned out to be enough for only one sleeve!  I cut the second sleeve and attached it to the upper sleeve.

The trim was ordered from an ebay store called Heritage Trading.  It was an Indian sari trim in red and metallic gold, that was nearly 4 inches wide.  I bought both of the yards that were offered in the auction, which turned out to be just enough.  I only had 6 inches left when I was finished! 

The final bit was to order the velvet for the jumper.  I ordered Midnight silk velvet from Thai Silks, which turned out to be the absolute perfect colour.  Using Simplicity 9103, I cut out the jumper from the velvet and put it on the dress dummy over the undershirt.  I then trimmed the neckline and adjusted the strap width.  I used a rolled hem on the neckline, shoulder straps, and bottom hem.

More pictures on her website: 


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