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Elizabeth's Golden Gown

Elizabeth: the Golden Era - Movie Costumes

bulletExhibited at the Arcllight Cinema in Hollywood - October 2007
bulletAll photos by Garfeimao, unless otherwise noted


Display card: Radiant perfection.  The power of presentation and yet open to her people.  Gold silk velvet and damask, jeweled and crusted gold on gold .  

Sleeve and Cuff detailing

Design on the upper shoulder, side front view. Outside of mid arm beading
middle of the arm, front and inside More detailing on the inside
Note the stomacher pattern.  It doesn't follow the fabric exactly, but it enhances the original material Shapes and beads are very clear in this pictures.
Basic fabric and beading Same, but darkened

Collar detail

Flat piece of lace forms a high collar.  Note front of the neckline is edges in lace Collar is tacked directly onto the dress.  Also note the plain white (probably cotton) lining where the dress gaps on the maniquin.
Side back of collar.  Note how straight the back of the collar sits.  It almost looks like there's something straight and stiff up the back.  

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Please note:  All photos on this page were taken by Garfeimao unless other wise noted.  These were taken without tripod with available light.  They've been sized to a point where the costume details show best.  Most are in very good focus.  If you are having trouble with the clarity, size them down.

Photographer gives permission for you to go ahead and makes copies for your personal website. For further rights, please contact the webmaster.

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