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AlterYears Has Moved!

New location as of September 30, 2000.

bulletBrand New Store & Contact Information!
bulletCatalog information!
bulletNew classes for November and December have been posted on their site!

Check their site for new classes:  


Note: The AlterYear's web site has finally been updated with the new information!!!  Currently both sites have the same basic information since many folk have bookmarked this page.  (If that's you, please switch back to  Expect to see many changes on their new site.  However, you're still going to need their catalog.  It's going to be a while before anything as fancy as an e-store is up.  But you can check out a sample of their Renaissance Clothing patterns that are up there already.

Please check for latest info... I'm no longer web mastering them so have no guarantee of up-to-date info.

All new contact information for the store.

Come see the new store.  It's only a few miles south of its old location.  

8960 E. Huntington Dr.
San Gabriel, CA 91775
 (626) 614-9400
 -or- FAX: (626) 614-9499

Direct store e-mail:

Note: AlterYears not recommend rushes by e-mail.  Please phone or fax.

Hours: Tues/Wed/Fri: 10am-5:30, Thurs: 10am-7:30, Sat: 11am-5:30

Directions: AlterYears is just east of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley only a few miles south of its old Pasadena location.  Take either the 10 or the 210 freeway to the Rosemead off ramp.  (Go north on the 10, south on the 210. )  It's in Clearman's Village on the south-west corner of  Rosemead Blvd. & Huntington Drive.  Look for the snow covered roof of the famous North Wood's Inn.

AlterYears Catalog Latest Information

Go to to the official site for more catalog information.

bulletPrinting date of the catalog: ????
bulletNote: the catalog is currently out of stock and is back ordered.  
bulletCurrent guestimate is that it will be printed early spring.  Then (another guestimate) there is 4 weeks at the printers... and then the mass mail out in the store.
bullet(Note: guess here, not official but this is looking pretty solid)
bulletOrders for the catalog will be shipped out book class in the sequence that the orders were received when the new catalog comes in.  Rush orders will get priority shipping.
bulletBook Catalog Insert:
bulletThe book catalog insert will be done sometime after the main catalog.  However, there is no estimate for it at this time.
bullet(Seriously, it is much closer to being done. Life just keeps interfering.  Contact the store directly for help with books until then.)
bulletIt will mail out free to everyone who has bought the regular catalog.
bulletNew Catalog pricing:
bulletAfter holding the price line for years, the new price is finally going up a dollar... but it will be fatter than ever, filled with all kinds of new stuff.
bulletUS - $6.00 
bulletUS Rush - $10.00 USPS priority (Reminder, it's still out of stock.)
bulletCanada/Mexico by air - $9.00
bulletEurope - $10.00 surface or $17.00 air mail
bulletOther International - $10.75 surface or $21.00 air mail

Explanation of this information's origins:
bulletPlease write AlterYears directly at if you have any question about stock or orders.  I only forward and answer small questions off the old CompuServe account.  I have no direct connection to the store.  This information is provided as an extra service and is as updated as I get it.  The store is ALWAYS the final authority on this information.

-Cat Devereaux-

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This page last updated 07/27/09 .