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Science Fiction Masquerade Locations

A lot of Science Fiction Conventions will have some kind of costume event.  It may be a formal masquerade with stage, lights and sound.  It may be a quick informal costume parade.  It may be an evening mask and social.  If an event is very "star-of-the-show" centered, there may not be separate evening events for costumers.  However, even there there is a good chance there will be 'hall costumes'.

Note: most convention masquerades are 'Pay to Play',  i.e., you must be a member of the convention to participate.  Check with the masquerade director of an individual event.  (Sometimes you may just come to a local event for the evening if you are presenting, but don't assume.)

This list just hits the more formal masquerades, with an emphasis on Los Angeles and SoCal.  Check out Science Fiction event links for full con listings.  Contact daCat if you would like to add an event here.

For a much more complete list please check out the big list of California Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Gaming Conventions

Southern California Centric

LosCon  - by LASFS

bulletNovember 23-25, 2007 - Thanksgiving weekend, Annual
bulletHeld on the Saturday night of the convention.
bulletMain SF local masquerade for Los Angeles.
bulletNew location, LAX Marriot
bulletLocal  level of completion
bulletRuns on the division system
bulletNormally standard ICG rules.

Gallifrey One

bulletFebruary 16-18, 2007, Annual - Doctor Who and Media convention
bulletLAX Airport Marriott
bulletNo masquerade schedule this year, but other fun events.  Costumes welcome


bullet March 2-4, 2007, (Easter Weekend)  Annual 
bullet San Diego CA
bulletHandlery Hotel and Resort, Hotel Circle North <-- new venue
bulletSaturday Masquerade, write for info: masquerade@condorcon.org

Labyrinth of Jareth Fantasy Masquerade Ball

bulletJuly 13 &14,  2007
bulletHenry Fonda Music Box Theatre, 6126 Hollywood Blvd.
bulletMasquerade dance
bulletCostume required or formal dress and mask
bulletInfo: http://www.labyrinthmasquerade.com

Comic-Con International 

bulletJuly 25-29, 2007, Annual
bulletSan Diego, CA
bulletAs their name states, this is an international comic convention.  Saturday's event is open to all costumes but comic oriented items do better.
bulletNote: write for their rules, their structure and format is different than the 'ICG standard'.
bulletThere are a number of sponsored prizes most years.
bulletPre-register for the masquerade, fills up in advance quickly


bulletSeptember 28-29, 2007, Annual
bulletSan Diego, CA
bulletRed Lion HanaleiHotel
bulletLocal level


Northern California


bulletMay 25-28, 2007, Memorial Weekend, Annual
bulletSan Josť, CA
bulletSan Mateo Marriott --NEW Hotel!


bulletOctober 5-7, 2007, Annual
bulletSan Josť, CA
bulletSan Josť DoubleTree Hotel, 
bulletMasquerade, local level.



bulletGeneral Information:
bulletSept 7-9, 2007 - Annual
bullet http://www.casfs.org/cucon/cucon.html
bulletEmbassy Suites Phoenix North, Arizona
bulletMasquerade, Local level.


bulletGeneral Information:
bulletNov 10-12, 2006 - Annual 
bulletInnSuites Hotel, Tucson, Arizona
bulletLocal level, different style rules, check.

Regional -Western US


bulletGeneral Information:
bulletIs almost always the 4th of July weekend, somewhere in the western US.
bulletRegional level of completion
bulletRuns on the division system
bulletNormally standard ICG rules, but confirm, don't assume.
bulletNormally extra costuming events and panels though the weekend.
bulletNext Couple of WesterCons
bulletWestercon 60 - Ghomeward Bound
bulletJuly 6-9, 2007
bulletSan Jose CA
bulletWestercon 61 - Burning Fan
bulletJuly 3-6, 2007
bulletLas Vegas  NV

Archon (mid-west)

bulletGeneral Information:

October 2-5, 2007, annual


Collinsville, Illinois (St. Louis, Missouri area)

bulletRegional level of completion
bulletRuns on the division system
bulletHigh quality tech - The Grand Masque 
bulletNormally standard ICG rules, but confirm, don't assume.
bullethttp://www.planetstl.com/~scorwin/archon/  for more masquerade info.
bulletNormally extra costuming events and panels though the weekend.

Around the Country and the World

Just highlights of some of the larger and international level events. 

Costume Con

bulletLocation and time of year varies.
bulletGeneral Information:
bulletInternational level competition
bulletRuns on the division system
bulletNormally standard ICG rules, but confirm, don't assume.
bulletScience Fiction Masquerade & Historical Masquerade
bulletVarious and Future Fashion Art-to-Wear  fashion shows
bulletFuture Fashion Design contests
bulletAlso includes full weekend of classes on costume related topics
bulletGet all the details on upcoming cons and view past Costume Con conventions at the Costume-Connections Web site: www.costume-con.org
bulletNext Couple of Costume Cons:
bulletCostume Con 25 ( St. Louis, MO - March 29-April 2, 2007)
bulletCostume Con 26 (Silicon Valley, CA -  April 25-28, 2008)
bulletCostume Con 27  (Baltimore, MD - May 2009)


bulletGeneral Information:
bulletHeld every year, normally over Labor Day weekend.
bulletNormally held on the North American continent, but when not, look for a NASFIG masquerade around the same time if you can't make the other country
bulletInternational Level competition
bulletAlmost always runs on the division system
bulletNormally standard ICG rules, but confirm, don't assume.
bulletYou MUST be a member of the convention to participate
bulletExtras most often include...
bulletA giant, high stage for presenting costume groups that won't fit at any of the other events.
bulletGreat costuming programming from folks all over the world
bulletA costumer suite (privately put together - but looking for sponsors)
bulletNext Couple of WorldCons
bulletNippon 2007
bulletAugust 30 - September 3, 2007
bulletYokohama, Japan
bulletMasquerade - Sunday, Sept 2 at 3pm
bulletPreliminary information about the masquerade is available in English at: http://www.nippon2007.us/masquerade/masquerade.php
bulletDenvention 3
bulletAugust 6-10, 2006
bulletDenver CO
bulletFor more general WorldCon information see: http://worldcon.org/

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