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Glitz Sale

-or- how to get all kinds of costume stuff shopping at Stats Floral

If you do costuming any length of time you soon find yourself looking towards your Christmas tree decorations going "I wonder how that would works as part of a costume".  


Lots of costumers do end up incorporating their Christmas decorations in their outfits.  Garland makes great 3-D trim.  You can make headdresses from all kinds of snips or ornaments.   The bigger glitz can decorate shoulder, top a staff.... Basically your imagination is the only limit.

Best Buy time

The best time to get your Christmas decorations, turned costume bits is to pick them up on the after Christmas sales.  Prices often start at half off and drop from there. 

Best Place

In Los Angeles there is a "Craft" place that is famous for it's after Christmas sale.  Folks have been know to line up as early as 4:30 in the morning on December 26 to take advantage of the famous Stats' half-off sale.

Stats is no ordinary craft store at anytime of the year.  They have rooms of ribbon sorted by color and types.  They carry all kinds of decorations for every season under the sun from tiny little things to bigger than life size, from 39 cents to <gulp>, how much?... but, Christmas decorations are what they excel in.  They have a special Christmas tree room that is absolutely magical and miniature villages that will make you want to start collecting.  They also have rows and rows of baskets and shelves filled with every style, color, and material imagined for Christmas decorations.   They always stock lots of the latest electron lights... so just imagine what you can do when you rewire your suit.

You will find so much to add to your costumes, though the sales staff wonders why you're trying a glitter basket on your head.   "But, it makes such a perfect cap!"  They'll smile.  But still, for your planned outfit, it's a major score.

Planning for the sale

If you want to make a killing at Stats, on December 26th... scout out the store a few days in advance.  The morning of the 26th, it's Black Belt Shopping time!!!!  So, know where your fav items are.  (The week before Christmas they will be consolidating their merchandize, so don't expect to see things where you saw them the first time.)  Also, you will know how much they have left of what you want.  Now-a-days they have more than one store.  So, it you want it bad enough and 1/2 price,  you may have to scout locations. 

December 26th

Check the papers or call for their opening time.  If you want to join the party you can get there early.  Normally, there's a pretty fun crowd out there waiting for the doors to open.  (They will open much earlier than the department stores... so you can make this your first trip.)

bulletIf you can, bring a buddy.  One to go down the aisles; one to guard the finds on your shopping cart - it's a jungle in there.
bulletIf  you want to skip the total insanity, go a bit later in the day.  
bulletCraft items are only 50% off too for the first two days.
bulletOK, in truth the sale on Christmas items does go on for a while.  They just rearrange it down and let the other holidays take over their aisles.  However, you won't get the best goodies at those kind of killer prices unless you get out there that first week.


They've got a web site with maps, but it's new... so not every link is good:

bulletPasadena - 120 S. Raymond Ave. (1 bk south of Colorado Blvd) 626-795-9308
bulletThis is the original store and the size of a warehouse
bulletCapistrano Beach - 34081 Doheny Park Rd. (Next to Cosco) 949-493-3752
bulletRedondo Beach - 2012 Artesia Blvd. (1 1/2 m west of Hawthorne Blvd.) 310-376-6943
bulletSeal Beach - 12341 Seal Beach Blvd. (In Rossmoore Center) 562-431-6627
bulletDowney (outlet store) - 11610 Lakewood Blvd. 562-861-3383


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