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Time to Buy a Sewing Machine!

If it's even close to the time for you to buy a new sewing machine, now is the time to get down to the LA Country Fair September 5-28, 2008, Wed-Sunday.

 This annual event is at the Fairplex. (If you don't live anywhere near Los Angles, hit your local county fair for the same great deal!)


What??? Go out the way out to the LA County Fair to buy a sewing machine??? Why???

Basically, YES!!!!!  Why?  Because...

bulletAlmost every sewing machine manufacture will be gathered together in one place just waiting to give you a personal demo.... and they'll all be right next to each other... so talk about comparison shopping
bulletThey will have all their models there,  from low to high end... so there's something for whatever your need is.
bulletThe people they have doing demos on these sewing machines really know what they're doing. They'll be ready to show you how it sews through paint sticks!!!!
bulletAnd, most important reason of all, because they will have the best prices you're going to be able to get anywhere on their 'fair specials'.

What you want to do:

bulletWear comfortable shoes.
bulletPlan to go first thing in the morning. Not too many people are around yet. (That's rather relative at the fair.) You can go later in the day. You just may have to wait in some areas to try the machines yourself if it's in the middle of the day.
bulletThe sewing machine vendors are normally in the south end of one of the product buildings. Check the maps.
bulletTell them you're a 'costumer'. If you get a totally blank look, try 'do ren fairs and things like that, that you sometimes need to sew though a 1/2 inch worth of fabric putting an outfit together. They will show you the workhorse machines.... not necessarily the fanciest ones there... but ones with the multi-speed motors and other things like that. (Singer will probably just smile at you nicely and if they're really nice, point you over to some of the other vendors.)
bulletRegardless of how much you fall in love with the first demo.... catch a number of demos from different vendors. Each will have their own special features.
bulletWalk away and go catch the rest of the show. The Creative Expressions building always has great crafts and art-to-wear items. 
bulletTake time to think about what you really need.
bulletYou have to walk away to give you brain a chance to choose. These guys (and gals) are very, very good sales people. Only you can decided how many of the bells and whistles you need with a sturdy machine.
bulletBuy your machine. (Each vendor will have a slightly different way to get the machine. Some have you pick them up there on another day, some have them at a local shop.)

After you have your new machine:

bulletAlmost all vendors will have some 'free' lessons set up at local sewing shops.
bulletTake the classes, even if it's a drive. There you'll learn to use the new features on your machine.
bulletIf you bought a new computer, you wouldn't turn down free classes, same here.
bulletThe classes will try to sell you something -- sewing feet. While most generic home sewers hardly ever need more than the feet that come with the machine, as a costumer you will find many of the extra feet a life saver.
bulletIf you can't afford to buy the sewing feet right now, write down what the feet do, their manufacturing number and order then later. You will save yourself so much grief later... and time. Piping, blind hems, walking feet... all these work better when you have the manufacture's feet instead of generic feet.

Check out all the information on line at  Admission prices are a max of $17. Weekday evenings are normally $5 and there are plenty of other deals to get reduced admission.  More promo info <here>

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