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LOTR Costume

Dwan - 1976

NY & Ship

Needs documentation

The Island

Island Adventure


Island Sacrifice

Before the outfit is shredded, Long shirt, split on both sides.  the big necklace disappears leaving just the pear strands. Glam shot.  (Publicity?)  Show rope belt texture.  Back bra band is unfastened and she's holding up the top. So, there is a center back clip. Pears are worn differently in this shot
Note rope sandals.  Just a flat sole with rope twist up the ankle. Shows the fabric texture and the original rope wrapping.
Costume is wet here.  Fabric looks a lot thinner and softer here.  Note the side under her arm, band strap that goes across her back.  


Finale Gown

Dress fabric?  Silver bugle beads?  Rhinestones in the collar?  Need better pics.  Very heavy fabric.


Thanks to Marie for the pictures.  If you have others, better rez or more, please help us with our research.

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