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Nicolas - Greece

by George and friends

 I was scanning my pictures from last year to archive them on a CD when I encountered the pictures of my friend Nicolas dressed as Legolas during the carnival of Greece.  From the first time me and my friends watched the Fellowship of the Ring, we found a striking similarity between the elven warrior prince and our buddy both in shape and in name (Nicolas). Following this, we promised one day to make him an elven costume for the masquerade. When the day arrived it would be impossible to create such a lifelike costume if it wasn’t for your site. In recognition of your wonderful effort to which we owe many thanks we pay our tribute with some facts and pictures of our project with codename “From Nicolas to Legolas”.

We tried to be as close as possible but time pressed a lot. We followed the pattern exhibited on the site but we had to change the way the sleeves merged in the top jacket. We didn’t have time to recreate the boots, that’s why we used two leaf-shaped pieces of leather decorated with elven art, tied in such a way so as to overlap the leather short boots he was wearing. As a cape we used a US military blanket which fit for the colour but not much for the texture of an elven cloak. 

Fabric : Cotton corduroy (discrete lines)

The weapons were tough. We couldn’t find a bow for hire J, so we created a fast one using a plastic flap in wooden color. We added some decoration with a gold marker and it did for the trick. The quiver was made out of a thin aluminum sheet tube covered with a piece of leather. Artwork was added again with a gold marker.

This is not our first effort to recreate a film costume, but it was a really close one. Occasionally we would get our inspiration from Peter Jackson’s movies and the soundtrack. Our efforts received major recognition when Nicolas went dressed up to a masquerade party in a club and as soon as he entered he had practically the whole place applauding and shouting rhythmically “Legolas,Legolas”. 




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