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"Stands with Paintbrush" - Washington, USA

Gimli, son of Gloin

No pattern used. Only pictures from this website!

:Most of the fabric was found at Goodwill (my most favorite fabric store). A maroon wool sheet and a green sheet were used for the tunic and fellowship cloak, respectively. Armor was made from tin ductwork that I found at a garage sale for $2.00. Fake brown leather (vinyl) was used to make crossbraces, vambraces, parts of the helmet, boot covers, etc. These were painted and polyurethane to give then that worn and dirty appearance. The chainmaille was crocheted with thin black yarn and then spray painted silver. Not only does it look good, but wears like a sweater and is comfortable! I used a standard single stitch in rows and it came out wonderfully. This was also the most time consuming part of the costume. For the boots, I found old snow boots that were much larger than needed and fitted the boot covers over these after they were painted. This gives "Gimli" more of a dwarfish appearance. The helmet was made by papermaching a bowl and then building off of that with the duct work and leather. In all, this costume cost about $60.00, and quite a few man (or woman) hours to construct.


Fellowship | Fellowship 2 | Fellowship 3 | Fellowship 4 | Fellowship 5 | Fellowship 6

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