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Dave -  USA


The long duster is dark green Deer hide that I made a pattern for of a medieval travel coat. The fold over leather was glued down on the edges for then leather wrap look and then machine sewn to hole it. All the major seams were machine sewn the lacing was all punched and hand done. I went over some of the panel pieces of the long coat to give it a hand sewn look even though it is machine sewn as well. I just did the herringbone like top stitch for the look.

The arm patch is very similar to the one in the movie and was also hand done. I drilled the holes in the leather from a pattern I worked out on paper.  Then I sewed through the holes like a puzzle game to make the stitching. The "netting" look at the bottom was all hand done as well. At the top of the patch since

I could never get a good look at that part I improvised and did a kind of "x" stitch surrounding a six pointed star. The star was the symbol of the Dunadain but they wore it as a cloak clasp as Aragorn did as Thorongil in Gondor under Ecthelion. He was known as the "Eagle star" (Thorongil) in Gondor because of this clasp. I put it on my costume because the Rangers of the North were always my favorite growing up, especially Halbarad, so since they won't be in the films I put a little nod to them on my costume.

The boots are modified hiking boots I had. I but the entire upper chasse of the boot of leaving 1/2 inch around the sole. I then bought upholstery leather and hand sewed the pieces to the boot. I had to modify it for sizing a couple times but I guess that makes them look more worn. I then hit them with a green leather dye, then brown shoe polish followed by a fuller's earth dusting.

The Jerkin was made for me. I then modified it and ripped it up a bit. I replaced the regular leather lace ties with braided leather ties. I also used vinyl leather ties that are braided for the boots. I recommend the vinyl for the boots since you need allot. But the leather looks best on the Jerkin.

The fighting glove was a suede glove I bought at Target. I cut it up and sewed it back together by hand and then sewed a leather backhand patch onto it. Then I polished the sued with black leather polish and weather it up a bit. The belt is from Strapwell leather. I specified the design for them and they did a great job recreating it.

The pants are just $2 used black jeans although I want to get some black cotton pants for it instead.

I tried to use as much "real" material as possible, and do most of the sewing by hand to make it look put together by a Ranger. I wear the coat hiking so I wanted everything to be durable. I still need to weather the costume a bit, that is hard, first to rip up and mangle what you've been working on, second to not overdue it. I basically use Fullers Earth and different leather oils and polish tones for the weathering.

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