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Ithreth   -  Norway

Eowyn's Brown Coat

First I have to say that I'm just a beginner.  This coat is my first costume.

I made this coat out of light brown wool.  The fur on the edges is fake. The coat closing in the front is an invisable zipper, so the buttons are just put on and is not functional.

The pattern I build it from was a pattern for a simple jacket with the closing in the front.  I found it at

This was not the easiest to build.  However, the worst thing was to attach the fur edges.  Not a fun fabric to work with at all.  The needle broke at least twice while I was sewing it! Argh! But it worked at last :)

The jewel is actually a belt buckle which is attached to the top of the zipper.



My webpage in Norwegian is at: (link missing)


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